“Sunday Thoughts”

breakingthewall“The Spirit within me is alive, awake and aware. It is always flowing through me in perfect life. I accept my spiritual perfection. I know that my physical being is included in it. It is a manifestation of the life, the energy, the love, the peace and the power which is of the Spirit. I know that this day in which I live, this present time, which is now, is perfect. Everything in my world works harmoniously, divinely. I live in a completeness of this present moment. I know that the All-wisdom guides me, the All-power protects me. The All-presence goes within me”


–Ernest Holmes

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The Magic of Truth, Lies, And Marco Tempest

It’s a whirlwind weekend at the Robison household and I promise to catch you up next week.  Because it has been such a busy weekend, I’m posting something quick and yet worth knowing about.

Tonight, we take a look at the magic of Marco Tempest. Tempest is a Swiss magician/performance artist based in New York City and he specializes in combining magic with computer graphics and technology while talking about technology, magic, and current culture.  I first saw him on this video at TedTalk.

It’s tonight’s “Saturday Diversion”









Rest Well Senator John McCain (August 29, 1936 – August 25, 2018) You Will Not Be Forgotten

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“Sunday Thoughts”

“Peace is mine today, and no person or situation can confound me. Recognizing peace as my normal environment, I give peace to others. My presence in any group is calming. My speech reflects my inner peace. The healing peace of God radiates from me, and I am a blessing to my world. This day I am peaceful, loving and wise.”

–Ernest Holmes

And So It Is.


Photo from “Living Your Truth”

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Take Five Twice For Saturday

dave-brubeckI have had a song stuck in my head all week. If you are a fan of Jazz, then you know who the Dave Brubeck Quartet is, and you most certainly have heard the composition, “Take Five”.

If you are not a fan of Jazz, but watch a lot of TV, you may have heard the song, “Take Five” as background music in a television show or movie.

To refresh your memory, here’s the first part of your “Saturday Diversion”




Now, here’s where the real diversion comes in. This week I spotted a video on Facebook, by Indian musician and vocalist Chandana Bala Kalyani.

Kalyani released a video through her Facebook page and it’s making the rounds.  I’m not sure it has hit viral status yet, but at over 2 Million views; it is well on its way.

Kalyani sings in the classical music genre of India known as Carnatic music.  She specializes in a form of Indian classical improvisation known as Raga.

You could write several books about what I don’t know about music, but I do know improvisation drives Jazz to be what it is.

So you take the improvisation of Jazz and the improvisation of Raga and you get Chandana Bala Kalyan’s cover version of Dave Brubeck’s “Take Five”, and of course, tonight’s “Saturday Diversion”

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