Songs On Samhain

samhain-bonfireThe “witching hour” nears and Halloween 2018 is almost gone. The children have finished their night of “guising” and all that candy is collected for future “sugar rushes” in the next few days,

Time now for a few creepy songs and videos to fill your head before drifting off to a fitful sleep, sleep, sleep, of demonic dreams and goblin-populated nightmares.  Maybe that new Netflix series about Sabrina The Teen-age Witch is affecting how I write.  No matter.

Now go creepily unto the night and dance to this weird collection of Halloween-inspired music.

And the unkindest cut of all, a scene from the musical? “Evil Dead, The Musical”. The song asks, (And you will to, if you view the whole musical) the age-old Halloween question.

“What The Fuck Was That?”



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“Sunday Thoughts”

“There is a child in every one of us who is still a trick-or-treater looking for a brightly-lit front porch.”

Robert Brault

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“Sunday Thoughts”

aikenmine-mojave-desert-phone“If you were going to die soon,
and had only one phone call you could make,
who would you call
and what would you say?

And why are you waiting?”

–Stephen Levine



Photo–Legendary Mojave Phone Booth

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My Favorite 10 Films(Maybe More)

Social Media and Facebook in particular, is filled with repeating memes, viral videos, prayer requests, “I need a thousand ‘likes” or this kitten will die” photos and dozens of other participation exercises to repeat and share.

Admittedly, I participate in a lot of them. (not the “kitten” one; but a lot of them) About two weeks ago I was “tagged” in one that got my attention and I fully enjoyed doing the request. Here’s how it started.

“I have been nominated by ______________ to post my favorite 10 films of all-time over the next 10 days. I must post a one-sheet (movie poster) for each of my choices. No explanation is needed regarding the choices, and I must nominate someone each day to do the same.
Today I’m nominating and I’m not holding anybody accountable, Dave Robison

I thought this would be fun, and just so I wouldn’t bug people with my own repeating request meme, I added the bold type, before I nominated anyone.

Each day I posted one of my favorite movies, and I have to say I cheated on the last day, because I have so many favorite movies, but I stopped at 14.

With each of these movies, I can quote whole scenes of dialogue, and have watched them dozens and dozens of times. Some of them are nowhere near being an Oscar® winner or even a contender; but each holds a story or significance that resonated with me when I watched it. Some are significant because of who I first watched it with; or some line in the script that I often repeat; or some idea or place that I wanted to explore.

I thought for your “Saturday Diversion”, I would share a gallery of those movies with you. Maybe you’ll be inspired to order one from Netflix or watch it on-demand, or see if it’s available in the “Cheap” bins at Wal-Mart.

And because it is a OTRWD “Saturday Diversion” edition, I will leave you with a scene and a song from one of those favorite movies.


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