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Sunday, January 10, 2010

ReTweet This Blog

One of the great things about Twitter is the sharing of information between those you follow on Twitter and those who follow you. Someone finds a news article that they think would interested you, they send a "tweet" and you see it. You like it and you want others to see it; you simple "Re-Tweet" it.

In the beginning of Twitter, you would copy and paste the user's tweet, add their @username to the beginning of the retweet, and type RT in front of the whole thing to let your followers know that this person "said" something you want your followers to "hear".

Nowadays, you simply click on the "retweet" button under the the "tweet", and Twitter automatically re-Tweets it.

I've noticed blogs and websites placing their own Retweet button under their articles and interested readers can automatically click the button and the article would post on their Twitter stream of messages. I like that. So I went to TweetMeme and copied my own Retweet button, for future articles here at On The Road With Dave.

So if you see something, you want to repeat to your Twitter-faithful; you now can Re-Tweet This Blog.


Saturday, December 26, 2009

Addicted To Twitter

I log into the website Twitter on a regular basis. I keep up with a fairly large group of people whom I follow their updates. I have about the same number of people who follow my updates.

I post an update to my Twitter status about once a day. (Sometimes more)

I look for new people to follow a few times a week. I still get a thrill when someone new "follows" me. And I often comment and reply to some of my favorite Twitter folk.

But, I wouldn't say I'm a Twitter addict.

And according to the Twitter test I took, I'm really not that addicted.

How addicted to Twitter are you?

Created by Oatmeal

How addicted are you? Take the test and let me know.


Friday, December 18, 2009

Dave and Twitter Are Hacked

Iranian Cyber Army



DAVE Think They Controlling And Managing Internet By Their Access, But THey Don't, We Control And Manage On THE ROAD with Dave and Internet By Our Power, So Do Not Try To Stimulation Iranian Peoples To....



Take Care.

(Looks like Twitter isn't the only one the Iranian Cyber Army is mad at. Couldn't it have been a CyberPorn Army instead?)


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Stu Baker--Falling Down Funny

Stu Baker is falling down funny. Well, he's pretty funny when he's falling down. Okay, I've never seen him really fall down, but he has Muscular Dystrophy so I'm guessing it could be a problem. And, he is even older than me and still trying to become a famous comedian, so I'm guessing he may drink a lot, too; which in and of itself could promote falling down a lot. I like the guy.

Damn, Dave--if you like him, I'd hate to see what you say about people you don't like.

When I first started following people on Twitter, @StuBakerComedy was one of the first comedians I started to follow. Occasionally I'd comment on one of his "tweets" and he'd always reciprocate with something clever. He's one of those rare comedian Twitterers that aren't just publishing bits and pieces of his act, but he genuinely talks about everyday topics in his life, he replies to his followers, he engages in conversations, and he's pretty damn funny at times. And that whole Muscular Dystrophy handicap? He clearly advertises he needs a ramp to do stand-up; so back off on my insensitivity.

Now Stu has a blog. His title banner proclaims Stu Baker--He Needs A Ramp! with a picture of the Grand Canyon; and yeah, I though of that Hoverround ad when I saw it.

Stu is blogging about his life, his upcoming, "Cheeseburgers of Comedy" tour, and what ever else crosses his ADD-riddled mind. And it's all pretty damn funny.

And by now you've guessed it...Stu Baker Comedy is my newest, "Links I Like". Look for it under Comedians' Blogs.

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Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Weak Week Ending With Tweats

For those wondering where in the hell I have been lately; I'm here to "esplain" it to you.

Saturday, a week ago, I did an interview with a local Mobile businessman with the intention of posting a new article later on in the week.(That article is STILL forthcoming)Sunday afternoon I started feeling a bit sick. My stomach was hurting and I had some accompanying heartburn. As the night progressed, symptoms presented themselves that are better left undescribed. Tactfully, I can say that if was not walking the floor of my living room with massive stomach cramps; I was laying in a chair watching infomercials at 3AM and running to the bathroom to take care of not one, but two vile activities.

Monday morning came, and I was in no shape for work. I stayed home all day with lessening symptoms, provided my diet consisted of tea and crackers. Monday night brought another round of previous symptoms and on more than one occasion I screamed to the guy that must live inside my toilet bowl, "WANNABUYABUICK!"

Again Tuesday, I stayed home from work.

By Wednesday morning I felt better and went to work to be greeted by two full days of work that I was behind on. Catching up on calls and paperwork and orders took me well into Friday afternoon just so I could be "still behind" by quitting time. If I'm lucky, I should be back to a normal workload by this coming Monday afternoon.

But I have to tell you, this weekend has been much better.

Saturday night I attended a "Tweetup" at Panera's Bread in Mobile, Alabama. A Tweetup is a face-to-face meeting of online members of Twitter. A group of Mobile Tweeple met for some good food, some conversation, and for meeting the people that they "follow" and are "followed by" on Twitter.com.

It was cool to see some faces behind their Twitter avatars, although I'm happy to say most Twitterers(Tweeple)use an actual photo of their face for their profiles. It was funny to see and talk to these folks who brought their laptops and iPhones to meet live people and send photos and Twitter messages(tweets) to those not in attendance. At one point some of the attendees were "tweeting" each other via computer, while talking to other attendees. Think of it as "cyber whispering".

I came home feeling good about being involved in another aspect of Social Media that allowed me to connect with real live people.

With my health intact and feeling good, I'm looking forward to a great week with much more blog entries.

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Friday, February 20, 2009

SHUT UP! You Gotta Watch It!

I'm spending a little time each day at Twitter following some interesting people and having them follow me. I really enjoy the micro-blogging, the news tips, and the article ideas.

I follow @sheckymagazine(that's how you identify and reply to a Twitter ID)and they led me to an awesome video by Comedian/Singer/Songwriter, J. Chris Newberg. Chris also writes the blog, Some Other Sucker's Parade.

The video features the song stylings of Chris, along with hundreds of comedians you may or may not recognize(Okay, not hundreds, but you'll need to take your socks off to count them all)and all of them are saying what we all want to say to some people on a daily basis when the "someone" just won't stop talking about stuff they talk about every single, bloody, day.

I think the video deserves lots more views than it has received so far at YouTube.

Watch it.

Then show it to that "someone" you've been wanting to tell, SHUT UP!!!!

Thanks again, Shecky Magazine, an official "Links I Like"

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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Vandervelde On Twitter

If you agonize over what to write about yourself on an Internet forum or chat profile or if you can't bear to change your "Status" line on your Facebook profile; then maybe you won't like Twitter. But if you love communicating to hundreds, or if you are lucky, thousands of followers in multiple 140 typed-characters status updates and "mini-blogs" then you'll feel right at home.

And if you're not quite sure about how to get started using Twitter, then let me recommend "Twitter how-to for the digital immigrants among us" written by my good friend, Kathleen Vandervelde.

I think Kathy excels at these type articles and she gives some good advice for the would-be Tweeple out there.

"Write something meaningful about yourself, your interests and/or your work in your profile. Include your blog or organization's website url. It can make a big difference when others are deciding whether you are worth following. Remember, you're trying to build two-way relationships here. If you won't give up anything about yourself, why would others want to interact with you? I, for one, will not follow anyone who doesn't offer a clue about who they are or what they're about in their profile."

After you get through reading the article, sign up at Twitter and Follow Kathleen. And while you are at it--You can follow that comedian, Dave Robison, too.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Since We Last Met

Howdy Folks.

It's been over a week since my last blog entry, and that has to stop now.

A lot has happened. My computer is fixed. It's down-time was one of the major reasons that blog entries were sparse.

My boss at my "8-5" job bought me a new cell phone. It's an LG Shine minus the MediaNet service, but still with a cool camera capable of all those "self portrait through a mirror" shots you see on the social networking sites. I miss my old circa 2003 Nokia that was built to withstand a semi-truck rolling over it, but it finally developed so many problems that it was beyond any practical use.

I've increase my usage at Twitter and have a few followers. The Twitter service and a Twitter user was the first to send photos of the recent US Airways crash on the Hudson River.

And if you didn't already know; today The United States inaugurated the 44th President.

The one thing that amazed me about today's celebrations, rhetoric, comments, commentary and news was not the history-making event in Washington D.C but the event that happened at my "8-5".

Whether my fellow employees voted for Barack Obama or not, at 10:45 CDT, we all gathered around a few computer screens and suspended work for a while and watched the Presidential Inauguration and Speech together.

As I watched the live streaming video via MSN.com, I noticed the video stop and stutter or delay several times and could only imagine the number, in the millions, of other viewers logging on and watching and the volume of data being transferred across the Internet at that time.

While the new President spoke of the future and the challenges ahead for our country, I realized just how far we have already come and how the future is now. We take pictures with our phones, we watch televison on our computers, and citizen journalists inform us of news as it happens through social networking sites and blog entries, even before traditional media outlets.

And even though, when our computers fail, we tear our hair out in frustration until they are fixed; they serve us well. They inspire creativity and produce just as much as a tractor, a steel mill, or an oil well.

Change is not coming...change is here.

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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Shameless Promotion

You can find links to my various sites here at "On The Road With Dave"; but why not hit one or two of them today.

If you have a MySpace account, I'd appreciate it if you added me as a friend, if you haven't already done so. You can go to my profile, Dave Robison™, and click on "Add Me As A Friend"; after you take a look at my profile.

For those of you on FaceBook, I can be found at Dave's Face.

And if wanna see me in your city, I need to know who would be willing to pay to see me perform. You can let me know by Demanding Me in your city. You can do that by clicking now, with the DEMAND DAVE ROBISON link.

Also, if you wanna listen to the songs I like, you can visit my Project Playlist profile at Dave Robison's Playlist.

And Don't forget you can still follow me on Twitter, that link is in my sidebar and you can sign up to follow me or even those people that I'm following.

That's it. Shameless Promotion time is over. Finish enjoying your weekend.

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