I’m one of those “creative” types. I was born with stars in my eyes. I developed a passion early on for performing. I became a ventriloquist at the age of ten. I published a book for ventriloquists at age 16. I made it my purpose in life to perform every local banquet and civic function in the town I grew up in. I collected newspaper articles of every time a local reported interviewed me and “VCR-ed” every time I was on the local TV news. Ventriloquism led to Stand-Up Comedy and if somebody asked me what my dream was; I usually replied with “replacing Johnny Carson on the Tonight Show”.

However, I married young and started a family. Dreams of stardom gave way to raising my kids and providing for my family. As most performers will relate, I managed to string together a long list of unsatisfying jobs. Always talking about the “big break” or ‘striking it rich” with a big idea. My creative interests turned to writing an unpublished novel.

I returned to college in my early 30s and gained a degree in Public Relations and Journalism. My wife and I turned our degrees into a successful Video Production Company. We sat on various state and national boards; won some awards and specialized in video safety training for major companies such as Kerr-McGee Chemical and Weyerhaeuser Forestry Products. We taught companies how to present an original and authentic image of themselves. I wrote scripts and translated technical jargon into layman’s terms.

In early 2003, the weblog phenomenon was gaining momentum. I was addicted to the Internet and spent many nights on message boards and chatrooms inside the America Online (AOL) format. I met many interesting people and talked about a variety of subjects. At the time, I was interested in Multilevel or Network Marketing. I had joined the granddaddy of those companies–Amway Corporation.

Attraction Marketing techniques were coming into vogue. Books like  “Permission Marketing”, “Net Gain”, and “Building Communities on the Web” were available; I wanted to build a business rooted in the multilevel marketing industry, but I wanted to be a “renegade”. I sought to change the negative image of that industry and become someone that people ran to, instead of “away from’.

In early 2004, I had been commenting, writing guest articles, and chiming in on various blogs about my ideas, my reforms, and my slant on marketing.  I felt like I could write a blog, myself.

A popular blogger and critic of the MLM industry challenged me to do just that.  I had gained some respect from his audience of fellow critics. His challenge was to those involved in Multi-Level Marketing, to start their own “positive” blog about the industry.  The challenge wadaveblogspotmarkers accepted.

At about the same time, my wife had challenged me to “quit talking about wanting to perform again” and actually start doing it.

“On The Road With Dave” was born from those challenges. I wrote about marketing, Public Relations, Comedy and building your authentic self on the Internet.

I experimented with all manner of subjects. I wrote everyday and gained a sizable audience. In 2008, the Amway Corporation invited me to be on a otrwdoriginal1five-person panel during a Global Communications Conference in Prague. Addressing communications staff from all of the company’s international markets, we shared insights on a variety of topics revolving around Amway, the Internet, Blogging and Social Networks.

In April of 2010, On The Road With Dave went dark.  Hosting issues at my domain and the blogging platform I was writing on came to an impasse. Changes and modifications were planned, but this creative type chose the path of least resistance and procrastination and other life challenges sidelined the effort. And so the site sat dormant for five years. In March of 2015, I decided enough was enough, and took up a new challenge to revive the site, the domain, and the blog.  I learned new computing skills, CSS programming and I found the joy in creating once again. “On The Road With Dave” began once again on May 6, 2015; which so happened to be my 53rd Birthday.on-the-road-once-again

I’m no longer involved in MLM.  But the site has kept much of its original focus.

Now Appearing in an Extended Engagement! Join David Robison as he takes you into his world and his daily life as a part-time stand-up comedian. Enjoy some frequent detours describing his observations on life, travel, and business. Read the exploits of this self-proclaimed Renaissance-man as you go, “On The Road With Dave.”