Testimonials–Nods Of Approval

wedding-table-alfonso-limaWords From Our Couples

  • “Dave is awesome. He exceeded everything I imagined my ceremony to be like. He customized my ceremony to fit us. I have a Bible that was passed down at least two generations. I wanted to use it some how in my ceremony. He came up with an idea and executed it flawlessly. My husband and I were very impressed. Highly recommend Dave!”

  • “Dave performed our ceremony and we couldn’t have been happier! His words tied in to not only of how we met but our life we would share forever! Thank you so much Dave for everything!!!”

    J.D. And Oscar Perez-Matei

  • “Dave conducted our ceremony exactly the way we wanted and even added bits of humor that was a perfect match for what we were looking for. He took the time to get to know us personally and have an in depth conversation of exactly what we wanted for the ceremony. Personalized, romantic with humor and fun in one package.”

  • Dave was absolutely amazing and gave us exactly what we wanted, and made the day that much more special by his personalization and our preferences. If you are wanting a non-traditional ceremony with the romance of a traditional wedding, there is absolutely no one else that could do it better.






Table Photo by Alonso Lima

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