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“Born In The Rain On The Pontchartrain”

I’m no stranger to writing about Hurricanes…the storms and the drink. I like to think I keep up with popular songs and pop culture. I also, like to think that I know all things-New Orleans. So, how in the hell … Continue reading

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Happy Passover, Pesach Sameach!

Happy Passover, Pesach Sameach! Today and this year, is one of the infrequent times that the Jewish calendar observance of Passover; also coincides with the Christian calendar observance of Good Friday.  Both of these days are traditionally the day The … Continue reading

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National Vietnam Veterans Day…Welcome Home and Thank You

On March 29, 1973, US Combat troops returned home from Vietnam back to the United States. Also on that date, the last of the US Prisoners of War being held in Vietnam were returned home. These two acts ended the … Continue reading

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“Drinking Meth Pee”

If you had asked me back when I started this blog if I would ever entitle any blog entry with the words, “Drinking Meth Pee”; I would have thought you were just a little weird.  But there is an explanation. … Continue reading

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