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My Favorite 10 Films(Maybe More)

Social Media and Facebook in particular, is filled with repeating memes, viral videos, prayer requests, “I need a thousand ‘likes” or this kitten will die” photos and dozens of other participation exercises to repeat and share. Admittedly, I participate in … Continue reading

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Not Everybody Lives

Richard Williams, better know as Prince Ea is a former hip-hop artist and is currently a filmmaker, spoken word artist, and inspirational speaker.  I started watching his videos on Facebook and YouTube about two years ago. I was reminded of … Continue reading

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Time’s Memory

I began writing this blog post last night. I had wanted to published it this morning at 8:46AM* for some small attempt at symbolism and tribute. But my thoughts and ideas for what I wanted to say were too jumbled; … Continue reading

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This Is Mobile, Alabama

Last week, I mentioned whirlwind activity at the Robison household and things just keep happening that have prevented delayed me keeping you updated.  I have some new plans for myself and this blog coming down in the next few weeks … Continue reading

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