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So Much To Be Thankful For

It is my 56th Thanksgiving of my life. I don’t remember a lot of the early ones, but in recent years I am thankful for each one that I have experienced. There are many family members that I used to … Continue reading

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My Favorite 10 Films(Maybe More)

Social Media and Facebook in particular, is filled with repeating memes, viral videos, prayer requests, “I need a thousand ‘likes” or this kitten will die” photos and dozens of other participation exercises to repeat and share. Admittedly, I participate in … Continue reading

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Take Five Twice For Saturday

I have had a song stuck in my head all week. If you are a fan of Jazz, then you know who the Dave Brubeck Quartet is, and you most certainly have heard the composition, “Take Five”. If you are … Continue reading

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This Is A Pyramid Scheme

At its inception, “On The Road With Dave” devoted more than 50% of its content to “Multi-Level Marketing” and companies like Amway. At that time, I was running my very own Amway/Quixtar  distributorship at home and online using early web … Continue reading

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