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“The Beast” Contacts Me

Thursday’s entry regarding “Quixtar Critic Riles IBOIA” caused a bit of a spike in my blog traffic. One of the visitors was none other than Scott Larsen, The Beast himself. I think that Scott has visited my site a few … Continue reading

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Quixtar Critic Riles IBOIA

Anyone participating in the blogosphere that writes or discusses the Quixtar Corporation has undoubtedly paid a visit to the Quixtar Business Analysis website or for short. Amquix is authored by Scott Larsen, an engineer working and living in Germany. … Continue reading

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One IBO Speaks

Just happened upon a new Quixtar IBO blog tonight. It’s anonymously written by “One IBO” and he’s affiliated with the Britt Worldwide Motivational Organization. He’s at 1500PV and figures that $6000 in expenses for the first year of being a … Continue reading

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A Standing Promise

Imagine if tomorrow you turned on MTV and heard that Ted Nugent had suddenly become a spokesperson for the Fruit and Vegetable Association. Imagine the “Huge Nuge” becoming a vegetarian. You could be an avid member of PETA and sign … Continue reading

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