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“Born In The Rain On The Pontchartrain”

I’m no stranger to writing about Hurricanes…the storms and the drink. I like to think I keep up with popular songs and pop culture. I also, like to think that I know all things-New Orleans. So, how in the hell … Continue reading

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Come Monday…

I have had a song stuck in my head all week.  I know the song by heart, usually.  But this week; I could only sing the first few lines, before going into the chorus. “Headin’ up to San Francisco For … Continue reading

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Halloween Sounds

Last year, and in some years past, I have celebrated All Hallow’s Eve on this blog with creepy, funny, or weird music to get into the Halloween mood.  “Trick or Treaters” were scarce around our house tonight, so the following … Continue reading

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The 18 Minute Thanksgiving Massacree

Everyone has their own traditions during the holiday season.  On Thanksgiving Day, many Americans wake up early and begin the day watching The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade; while the turkey cooks and friends and relatives arrive at the house.  Many … Continue reading

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