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“Hey Y’all, It’s Mardi Gras!”

HAPPY MARDI GRAS FROM MOBILE, ALABAMA!         I’m not going to bore you with the facts again, about Mobile, Alabama being the birthplace of the first Mardi Gras Celebrations in America, (and NOT New Orleans) but I … Continue reading

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2015–By The Numbers

In my timezone as of this writing, less than 30 minutes remain in the year, 2015.  In downtown Mobile, Alabama, they are ready to bring in the New Year with the annual Moon Pie Drop. And bloggers world-wide are writing … Continue reading

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Hide Your Ride From The Repo Man

Mobile, Alabama is home to some great entertainers. Not just yours truly. Talented musicians and bands experiment with a diverse range of musical genres. Styles range from country and rock and roll cover bands to original soul, hip-hop, and urban … Continue reading

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The Ugly Men List –I Must Be On It

Last week the website, Total Beauty came out with a list of the 8 cities in America with the Ugliest Men. It just so happens, I live in one of the cities and like all the other men in the … Continue reading

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Getting To Know “My Ryla”

Last week, I announced my new job at a new call center. At the time, I held off announcing the name and giving any details about the job, until I found out about the corporate policy regarding blogging about my … Continue reading

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Cruising On The Fowl River

I’ve lived in Mobile, Alabama almost 7 years now; and in that time I’ve experienced a lot of water. The kind of water that falls from the sky, the salty kind that you swim in at the beach; and I’ve … Continue reading

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