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Meeting “Mr. Dred”

I had to go to Wal-Mart today; not my most favorite thing to do. But, my wife and I both have a sinus infection/cold/whatever and the only thing to take care of it is the Advil Cold and Sinus medicine … Continue reading

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Sean McKissack: To Be A Different Someone

My nephew just had his novella published. I’m proud of him. He’s a strange one, and I like him that way.  I know he grew up, in what I would characterize as, a strict conservative-values home, and yet he has … Continue reading

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Missing Gary Hundley

I originally wrote much of this in May of 2010 in a Note on Facebook. Since the blog was shut down in April of that year, Facebook was the only place that I could put down these thoughts.  Now that … Continue reading

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Are You A Movie Buff?

Think you’re a movie buff? I’d venture to say that I have a friend that could trump you on just about any trivia involving any movie, anywhere. When I first met Van Roberts, he was a reporter at WCBI-TV in … Continue reading

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