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For Parkland

On February 14th, 2017; a lone 19-year old, Nikolas Cruz entered the campus of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida armed with an AR-15 and began shooting. 17 people were killed.  According to data from the Gun Violence Archive, … Continue reading

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Happy Winter Solstice!

    Photo ©by Jessica Scheick Please follow and like us:20

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There ARE Cats in America! / Part 1

I’M NOT A CAT PERSON First and foremost, I am NOT a cat person.  Second, yes this is the lowest of lowest blog-type entries. It is a blog entry about cats.  Third, I am NOT a cat blogger.  Now with … Continue reading

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Getting Rid of The Clutter/ The ReBoot

“We now join today’s blog entry already in progress” This is my first update on my journey to Re-Boot certain parts of my life. Last month on my birthday  I decided to make a few changes in my life and … Continue reading

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