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Best of Both Worlds

It’s slow Wednesday, so let’s look at something fast. Most of my friends know that I have an unhealthy desire to own a Lamborghini Countach. (it’s a car) Of course, my liberal tree-hugging tendecies play havoc with my desire to … Continue reading

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Perseid Meteor Shower

If you missed it last night, or the night before; you still have time. Set your clocks between 2AM and Sunrise and go outside and watch the fireworks. NASA sums it up best: “And you will like August. Picture this: … Continue reading

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Shaklee Inspires Today’s Entry

So, I’m online today thinking about what I should write about. I decide I’d pay a visit to the Shaklee site. You might be able to tell from a few of my “Links That I Like”, that I have a … Continue reading

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Fast Forward

Dane at Business Opportunities Weblog has referenced an article by Fast Forward magazine in his latest entry. From the article: The future is something to get excited about again. Here’s our look at the surprising people, ideas, and trends that … Continue reading

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