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Number 12: The Missed Blogiversary

On June 14th, 2016 this ole blog turned 12 Years Old. Happy Blogiversary To Me!  Thank you to all those readers that still occasionally drop by.  Through all the troubles, changes, and lapses over the years; I am still glad … Continue reading

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For The Techs, Geeks, and Nerds

This blog entry will basically appeal to the “techies”, “geeks” and computer nerds out there. You know…people that are smarter and more talented than me.  When I updated this blog last May, I installed WordPress as my platform; and at … Continue reading

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Blog Action Day 2015–Raise Your Voice

Blog Action Day was founded in 2007 by Collis and Cyan Ta’eed, from Envato in Australia, as a way for the people they met within the wider blog community to work together on a special project they all cared about. Each year a … Continue reading

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Have you driven past a road construction sign that announces “Road Work Begins”? I’m sure we all have. And then about two miles down the road, there’s another sign stating that at that point “Road Work Ends”.  Have you noticed … Continue reading

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