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sunlight-through-fenceMonday is officially Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.  This past week I posted two entries regarding Doctor King; one for “Sunday Thoughts” and one, on his actual birthday.

I have also been watching episodes of West Wing on Netflix .  This is a habit I do periodically.  Generally, if something is happening in the “real world” of politics that distresses me, I find it comforting to escape into the fantasy of the Presidency of Jed Bartett and the writing of Aaron Sorkin.

During a recent session of binge-watching this weekend, I viewed Season 4: Episode 3, “College Kids”.  Toward the end of the episode, a scene takes place at a Rock The Vote event. Singer/songwriter Aimee Mann performs a cover of James Taylor’s “Shed A Little Light”. The cover and Mann’s vocals turn this tribute to Martin Luther King into something unique and soulful. Unfortunately Aimee Mann‘s version is not available in its entirety as a separate recording. It is only available on the show.

But in the spirit of the holiday and tribute to the man who was Martin Luther King, Jr,–I submit for your approval Part One of your “Saturday Diversion”..

The original by James Taylor of “Shed A Little Light”

Next, I must warn my readers on the side of the conservative political spectrum, that the next song by The Killers features a song also celebrating the spirit of Martin Luther King Jr. and his fight for civil rights, human rights and the struggle for equality of all men. The video accompanying the song was produced and directed by Spike Lee and has a decidedly negative slant to the current White House administration. But, I found the lyrics powerful, and the imagery inspiring and sorrowful combined with a hope to do better regarding the issues it highlights. It is one more rung on a ladder that leads us over walls that separates us from our fellow humans. It is one more asset that leads us to make that elusive dream of Dr. King into a reality. It is added prodding to make our country, “The Land Of The Free”; and it is Part Two of your “Saturday Diversion”

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