My Favorite 10 Films(Maybe More)

Social Media and Facebook in particular, is filled with repeating memes, viral videos, prayer requests, “I need a thousand ‘likes” or this kitten will die” photos and dozens of other participation exercises to repeat and share.

Admittedly, I participate in a lot of them. (not the “kitten” one; but a lot of them) About two weeks ago I was “tagged” in one that got my attention and I fully enjoyed doing the request. Here’s how it started.

“I have been nominated by ______________ to post my favorite 10 films of all-time over the next 10 days. I must post a one-sheet (movie poster) for each of my choices. No explanation is needed regarding the choices, and I must nominate someone each day to do the same.
Today I’m nominating and I’m not holding anybody accountable, Dave Robison

I thought this would be fun, and just so I wouldn’t bug people with my own repeating request meme, I added the bold type, before I nominated anyone.

Each day I posted one of my favorite movies, and I have to say I cheated on the last day, because I have so many favorite movies, but I stopped at 14.

With each of these movies, I can quote whole scenes of dialogue, and have watched them dozens and dozens of times. Some of them are nowhere near being an Oscar® winner or even a contender; but each holds a story or significance that resonated with me when I watched it. Some are significant because of who I first watched it with; or some line in the script that I often repeat; or some idea or place that I wanted to explore.

I thought for your “Saturday Diversion”, I would share a gallery of those movies with you. Maybe you’ll be inspired to order one from Netflix or watch it on-demand, or see if it’s available in the “Cheap” bins at Wal-Mart.

And because it is a OTRWD “Saturday Diversion” edition, I will leave you with a scene and a song from one of those favorite movies.


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