Aaaannnnnd We’re Back!

At about 7:30AM this morning, I tried to log in to “On  The Road With Dave” and I could not access the site.  I was met with a white screen and the horrible message,

Internal Server Error.  DNS Failure.  Service Unavailable

Or something like that–I can’t be sure because almost immediately blood began to shoot from my eyes and I suffered a massive brain aneurysm.  Did I mention, I hate to have website issues?

I admit, in the past, I have done things to this site that caused some massive failure that was my fault alone. But today, I had done nothing.  This was a server issue over at GoDaddy, where I host “On The Road With Dave”.

I logged in to my account and started a “Support Chat”.  They were cheerful, yet apologetic and explained that they were aware of the issue and scores of technical guys were in the middle of a bank of servers with hammers and duct tape and were attempting to correct the issue.  They would have my trusted blog back online in no time.

Well actually, they said they had no clue as to how long it would take, but they were trying.

I could hear the angry mob assembling across the world, with torches and pitchforks ready to storm the gates of GoDaddy in their quest to Make Dave Great Again…or at least online again.  For the next many hours, I toiled at my “day gig” and saw legions of readers in my mind being met with my website’s failure to respond.

So, I messaged GoDaddy again around 3PM this afternoon; after checking my site every 15 minutes throughout the day to see if it was back up again and being met with disappointment each time. They said that they were still very sorry; but the hammers were not working and the duct tape was gone and now–they’d be ripping out cables and chips and inserting some wire clothes hangers and aluminum foil and to be patient–ye olde blog would soon be whirring out its message to the ether above and scrolling onto a computer near me.

At 8:14pm this evening, I was informed by email that the website was back online.  12 hours down.  You got to give aluminum foil credit…it’s a miracle worker.

If you didn’t see my message on Facebook during today telling people the website was unavailable and you happened to visit today and was greeted with that ugly error message…here’s a belated announcement.


But the real message with tonight’s posting is…

Aaaaannnnd, We’re Back!

And I’m damn, glad we are.


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