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Today is Independence Day; the 4th of July; our nation’s birthday. Half my family still went to work, today. I had a day off and my oldest son was off from his day job, but still working his second job, tonight.

Driving my wife to work, I looked at all the displayed United States flags that lined the city streets and hung from poles, and attached to houses. I have purchased an US Flag kit to mount a pole to my house and display the Stars and Stripes on future patriotic holidays.  Though, I am often labeled a liberal, (proudly) some of my online antagonistic Social Media friends would think it odd, that I would display our country’s flag in a patriotic fashion.  They would be wrong.  I love our country. I enjoy studying our history, and reaping the benefits of living in a democratic republic.  I often do not agree with our government legislatures or every elected President, but that again, is my right and my duty according to those same founding fathers that brought us to this day.

But, today, since most of the family would not be home until this evening, we had no particular plans to celebrate the day in some big fashion; no picnic, no day at the beach, no fireworks.

My youngest son called me at around 4pm, to let me know he was off from work and needed a ride home. He works at a local supermarket. He asked if he needed to pick up anything before he left the store. I told him I thought we were good on supplies.

“Do we need anything for supper,” he asked?

“I don’t think so”

“What are we doing,” he asked.

“I’m not sure”

“I was thinking”, he said, “I could pick up some Conecuh sausage and some hot dogs and we could cook out , kinda last-minute 4thy-julyee thing”

“Bring it on,” I said.

When I picked him up–he had Conecuh Sausage, Hot Dogs, Aidell’s Roasted Garlic and Gruyère Cheese Chicken sausages, King’s Hawaiian Barbecue Sauce and King’s Hawaiian Hot Dog rolls, potato chips, french onion dip, tortilla chips and salsa as well as some Milo’s Sweet Tea.

I wasted no time, once home, to fire up the grill and begin cooking.

We then settled down to a feast. As a family. First time for the Aidell’s meat and let me say I wholeheartedly, unpaid, endorse them. Delicious.

After all the flag-waving and fireworks, I think this holiday’s main purpose is to sit with family and reflect on the good of the country, and the good of the family.  We celebrate our time together because we still have that right to Happiness, as well as Life and Liberty.

And while we were finishing up our supper as average Americans, I re-discovered a video online from a few years back by Pro Wrestler John Cena (if you can believe that) and the good folks at Love Has No Labels.

The video shows John Cena walking through a city and describing the average American.  It’s not what you think. And that’s a good thing. After you watch it; watch it again and pay attention to the scenes and people in the background as he talks.  The direction and scene placements are great.  And I hope after viewing the video, that you try to shed placing a label on a neighbor and just remember #WeAreAmerica.  We are all family.











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