Moving Things Around

Back when I was growing up, my Momma could not totally clean house without moving furniture around into new configurations.  Inevitably, when she got into one of these “cleaning jags”,  she would call on my assistance to move the heavy furniture.  I hated these times.

movingfurniture-briancraneI’m the type of person that once you set the furniture into a good spot, it should stay there.  But, I guess, that is not true when it comes to managing a blog.

I like creating new banners/headers and backgrounds to keep “On The Road With Dave” up-to-date and current.  A new photo always adds a little something to the appearance of the blog and readers aren’t met each day with the same old images.  About a week ago, I noticed that I had named some of the masthead headers/banners with the “header”or “banner” distinction.  It made finding the images a little more time-consuming when searching for the files.  So, I decided to “fix” the problem.

Let me explain.  Let’s say I wanted to post a OTRWD Header about Summer.  I would have an image named OTRWD-Beach-Header in .jpg format.  I might also have had an image named OTRWD-Beach-at-Night-Banner with a .png format.  The inconsistency in file names was bugging me, and I wanted to change ALL the headers, banners, and formats to one uniformed constant.  So, I set out on that mission.

First, I downloaded in stages, all the files that were named with “Banner” and in the JPEG format.  I changed all those files to the PNG file format and renamed them all with a “Header” designation.  I saved those images on my computer and then deleted the images from my blog library.

Then, I reloaded the images back to the blog with their new names and designations.

After that, I made sure the remaining OTRWD-Header images that were originally done in JPEG were then downloaded, converted, to the PNG format and upload back to the blog library.

dave-headerdave-headerCurrently, I’m tracking down any other OTRWD image that I use in the masthead; but is not named “Header” or “Banner” and renaming the file with a “Header” designation and PNG format.

All this did cause one large, but surmountable issue.

Because, on many of my blog entries, I use a Unique Header plug-in on my blog, and add a specific header images to particular posts; (Christmas, Thanksgiving, Veterans Day–entries like that, have a special image apart from the regular rotating masthead images.) these entries have lost those images dues to the old image formats being deleted from the library.

So, now I have posts with no header at all.  I have to go back and individually add the unique headers back into the entries.  That’s gonna take a few more days.

If you happen to be perusing the “Archives” and come across a header-less entry, feel free to leave a comment and alert me. I’ll go back and fix it.

Now, to answer that burning question that is on everybody’s mind:

“Dave, Why In The Bloody Hell Did You Go To All That Trouble?!”

Apparently, I do like moving “furniture” around.

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