“Sellin’ To The Oldies”/”I Was Amwayed”

For some reason unbeknownst to me, Corporations in the 1970s and 80s decided that their training meetings, and Public Relations films needed custom-composed music to reflect the ideas and emotions of the company. April Winchell Dot Com has collected quite a few examples including songs about The American Dry Cleaning Industry and Coca-Cola Company. Her site used to be filled with other strange oddities as well as these songs, but now it contains just the songs.

As a former Amway distributor, I found a few merry melodies that brought back memories and embarrassment.

I have no idea who is singing this song and I would hazard a guess that in this day and age, they don’t want you to know.

Take a listen to Recruit and Train and Motivate.


Then I found this gem. Believe it or not, I used to own this cassette tape and played it faithfully around the house and in my car. The group, The Sanborn Singers were quite popular on the Amway circuit of meetings and conventions and I knew all the words to the cassette. To this day, my wife STILL hates the following song , What is This Thing Called Amway

Back in the day, I thought it was a rousing little ditty about soap.



But, I’m not just picking on Amway, in hindsight. No my friend, let’s cue up Mary Kay‘s singing sensation, The Vickaroos.

And don’t say, you weren’t warned!








Okay one more about Amway and I’ll quit.

Believe it or don’t, but legendary singer, Pat Boone, once considered himself a “rock and roller”. That is until he had Elvis Presley open for him at the start of Elvis’ career. Things were never really the same for Pat after that. Which is why, I guess, that in the 1970s and 80s, Boone became an Amway distributor.

The following video is Pat Boone audio from an Amway Motivational Organization meeting. The AMO is the LiveFree Organization. I’ve not heard of it, and didn’t bother to research what, if anything, it developed into. Maybe some of the old Amway Critics bloggers might wanna chime in, and fill in the blanks.

In the video, Pat Boone’s opening song is called, Squares. It is a counter to the counter-culture of the day. An anthem, if you will, to NOT be “hip” “cool” and “groovy”. It succeeds wildly on those points. But, stick around for the second song…you might wanna just fast forward to it.  (I couldn’t make it through the first song)

The second song is a little number called, “I was Amway”.  In the song, Boone actually says, “I was Amwayed”.   His intent is to say he was convinced by the products and the people associated with Amway so much, that he joined as a distributor.  My perception was that he was waylaid, ambushed, and brainwashed into a cult.  I don’t think Amway is a cult, but I’m sure Amway Motivational Organization Critics will love the double meaning the song can present.


More corporate ditties and other truly strange musical compositions are found at April Winchell Dot Com.  Listen to the German-language ABBA hits at our own risk and/or delightment.

This has been your Saturday Diversion for the night.

No  “Thanks” are necessary.

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