“And The Memoriam Goes To…”

oscar-statuette-621On April 4th, 2018, millions across the Globe will tune their televisions and streaming services to the 90th Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ Oscars Awards. I will be one of the millions that watches, complains and cheers.

Personally, I will be pulling for the animated feature,  Loving Vincent, winning its own Oscar statue; and complaining that the Academy did not see fit to categorize it as a “feature film” and grouped it with the animated films.

Not to sound morbid, but my favorite segment of the awards ceremony is the “In Memoriam” tribute to the artists and performers that have passed away during the previous year.  I’m not reveling in the deaths of these artists, but recognizing and remembering their contributions to the entertainment industry.  Many of these artists influenced  my childhood and how I view film and television.

I admire The Academy for their inclusion of artists and technicians that are not actors, actresses, producers, or directors.  These below the line artists are the writers, cinematographers, make-up artists, special effects artists, casting directors, and executives that are essential to movie-making and are ever only named in the ending credits of a film; after the stinger or post-credits scenes. These artists and technical production members may qualify for Oscars™; but even then, their ceremony is not even televised. At least they qualify for a photo and credit in their deaths. I salute them all for contributing to my love of film and entertainment.

In 2016, the industry lost many celebrities.  The 89th Academy Awards paid tribute to them all during the Memoriam portion of the program.  Noteworthy, was the tribute of Jennifer Aniston  to actor Bill Paxton, who was not included in the video presentation because he passed away hours before the taping of the show.

Aniston’s tribute and the performance of Sara Bareilles during the “In Memoriam” is your “Saturday Diversion”.

Video courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter. The mini-format can be expanded to full-screen

And now, the 89th Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Awards show,

2017 “In Memoriam”

UPDATE: July 10, 2018

Now, that it is available, I have included the 90th Annual Oscars Memoriam.

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