Throw Up Thursday

Remember when my blogging was about my day-to-day activities as well as the occasional specialty article about an interest of mine?  Then, I decided I had to get all specialized, like other for-profit blogs and then it just seemed like I was doing holiday postings and quotes.

On Facebook, they have this thing called “Throwback Thursdays” where people post memories, photos, and old posts from the past.  It seems fitting that if I want to blog about stuff like I used to–then today; a Thursday, would be the right time to start.

But today is more of a “Throw-Up Thursday” than throwback. Yesterday, I came home from work early because I was sick.  A few people at the office were out with the flu, but I didn’t feel bad nor was I experiencing any symptoms, so I figured I had avoided the bug.

worshipping-the-porcelan-thrownThat is, until I ate lunch.  Shortly thereafter, I made a mad dash to the bathroom with wave upon wave of nausea.  I called my son to come after me and I went home.  The “sickness” settled in and I was up all night with unbearable pain and nausea. My body decided that it had no need for any kind of liquid, solid, or gas that might be hanging around in my body.  And due to another chronic ailment I have; I was experiencing chest and back pains after each trip to the bathroom.

The only relief came from a heating pad on my chest alternating with scalding hot showers on my back.  I took three or four showers last night.  I’m sick, but dammit, I’m clean.  I kept my poor wife up until 5:30am this morning.  Between my getting up every 15 minutes and her patient non-stop massage of my back, she was as miserable as I was.

nauseaToday, I slept.  When I woke up, the throwing up had ceased,, but the feeling of “ick” was is still with me. I have managed to drink tea and eat some ramen noodles and miraculously they have stayed in my body with just a little pain,

My regular day off is Friday and I plan to use it to recuperate for most of the day. I do have an appointment with a couple tomorrow night to discuss their upcoming wedding ceremony.  I will be there, by hook or crook. It is planned that I shall play the part of Dumbledore the wedding officiant in their Harry Potter fantasy wedding.  It’s a cool gig. They are a cool couple.

So that’s my Throw-up Thursday. It was not enjoyable. And truly, I hope it’s not that very memorable–except in this blog.

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