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cassini-at-saturn-2So many good ideas and inspiration for blog entries are out there. I found this one on Wil Wheaton’s blog.  Robert Picardo, the Doctor from Star Trek: Voyager;  reading Carl Sagan‘s The Pale Blue Dot.

Wow, was that enough links for you in one paragraph? No matter.  As a long-time space buff, the Pale Blue Dot has always inspired me and gave me hope to what we, as humans, are capable of becoming and it gives me pause to think of things we have done in our past that have not lived up to that hope.

To have an actor that portrayed a character in the Star Trek franchise read the words ofrobert-picardo Sagan seems more than fitting.  Robert Picardo hosts a regular monthly series of videos just like this at The Planetary Society .  You can watch more insightful and inspiring videos and read the blogs from top experts in Astronomy and Space Exploration at the site and sign up for their e-newsletter or become a member of the Planetary Society.

This is tonight’s “Diversion”.

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