We Are How We Treat Each Other

Following the results of the 2016 Presidential election, I was looking for something that might make me feel better despite the results.  It seems that the country is now even more divided(if that is possible) than prior to the election. There are ongoing protests, petitions, and rants going on from the losing side; and gloating, bragging and insults from the winning side.

Before the election; the winning side was criticized for stating that it might not “accept” the results if it was the eventual loser.  After the election, those same people who were criticizing are now, not “accepting” the defeat.

That’s fine.  They are disappointed. I am disappointed.  If that lost fuels a new commitment to “get it right” next time, I am all for it.  If that lost makes us think and analyze what went wrong and accept the mistakes and missteps that were made; I am all for it.

Going forward, the losing side needs to remember what I found in today’s “Diversion”.

We need to remember, and for that matter, the winning side could take a lesson, too…


And that’s your “Saturday Diversion”.

The original 2013 video of “Nothing More”can be found here

The Alternate Routes originally recorded the song to raise money for the Sandy Hook Incident  survivors and in tribute to one of the victims, Charlotte Helen Bacon.  The song is also featured in the Season 11 episode of “NCIS”; Homesick available on Netflix.  They explain their reasons for supporting the cause in the following video.  I thought the video and song were certainly appropriate for those “surviving” the election. Both the winners and the losers. You can follow links to related videos on both videos and divert yourself further for the evening.

For more information or to purchase this song on iTunes, Visit NewTown Kindness.

Remember, “We are Love, We are One”


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