Goodbye November

byenovemberThe end of November is here and it has been an eventful month. It started with a Presidential election that half the country and myself is still reeling from the results and half the country is bolstered by the new President-Elect’s attitude and proposed direction he wants to steer our country towards.  We’ll all have to wait and see(and worry) how it all turns out.

The family and I welcomed my sister-in-law from Chicago earlier in the month. She stayed with us about a week and got the grand tour of Mobile, Alabama and ate some Southern-fried everything.  She and my wife also toured every little thrift store, consignment shop, and “what-not” building in Mobile County.  She came prepared with an empty suitcase that was full on its return trip back to Illinois.  It had been several years since we had seen her and she was immediately missed as she boarded her return flight.

Justice was also served for our family with the settlement of an accident case that had been pending since summer. My wife had been rear-ended in our now-deceased Dodge Spirit and we had fought with the other driver’s insurance company for payment of medical bills and some loss of income.  The settlement, after attorney fees, did indeed settle some bills; but it’s not likely we will be the faces of the legal firm in some outrageous television commercial with us sporting lavish attire in front of a palatial new residence.

I had the honor of performing a marriage ceremony for a young couple last week at a local park in Mobile.  A beautiful setting on a pier overlooking the 5 Rivers Delta area near Mobile Bay.  I really like being an Officiant and customizing the traditional wedding ceremony everyone knows; to something uniquely befitting the couples who hire me to perform their wedding ceremony.

Here at “On The Road With Dave”, there have been some issues and improvements this month.  My hosting company moved the blog to a new server and it messed with some of the blog’s functions and links.  The blog was down for a few days and once recovered, it has some issues with how I work with it that need to be resolved.  For the reader, it should appear normal as usual.  But it takes a few extra steps and “workarounds” to publish new entries and make cosmetic changes.

Speaking of cosmetic changes and referring back to my officiant duties–“Down The Aisle with Dave” is now listed on the main marquee menu of the blog under the banner image.  It has a drop-down menu that links to the testimonials of my satisfied couples and the newly updated Gallery, featuring photos and ideas from the ceremonies I have participated in.

There is also a new drop-down menu for “Comedy This Exit” and “Skyler’s Gravel Road”.  I need to update these two side-blogs in December. They have been dormant for a while as have my comedy ventures.

All in all, I am quite thankful for all my days in November and look forward to the Christmas Season.  Tomorrow brings the first day of the last month of the year. I’m sure December will be filled with all the activity of preparing for Christmas; along with the day-to-day ordeals of any time of the year. I hope you stay thankful for the day-to-day ordeals and triumphs as well as finding the perfect gift and setting up the perfect Christmas tree.

And with that wish, I say “Goodbye November…Bring On December”




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