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Hello October! You’re half-way over and I’ve yet to give an update on “The Re-Boot”.  There’s good reason for the delay. I haven’t pursued it at all.  Which is why I have decided to reboot The Reboot.

I don’t change habits very well. I get stuck in the routine and I get lazy.  If I am successful with changing a habit, it usually stays changed–but often, I am unsuccessful several times before the change sticks with me.

Most know me to be an upbeat, happy, positive sort of guy, but when I am “down”, it takes a while to rouse me out of the doldrums.  Over the last two months, there has been illness, some financial setbacks, and stress. Lots of stress.  This all led to a pretty bad case of “the blues”.  When I’m down, I tend to sleep a lot in the day, and stay up late at night “vegging” on the computer or binge watching Netflix. (BTW, if you haven’t watched Luke Cage, give it a shot)  Pretty much anything to avoid the issues at hand, will keep me awake.

The sad part of this is that these coming months are generally my happiest, most upbeat. I love Halloween and October.  I love Thanksgiving. And, I decided a long time ago that December and Christmas and New Years were a time for gratitude and positivity.  I will never be a “Scrooge” during this time of the year.  I made the same pledge a few years back, just like old Ebenezer, to keep Christmas in my heart the “whole year ’round”.

So, I was disappointed in myself that I let this stress and anxiety move in on me during September and October.  Here I was trying to make some positive changes for myself and I was giving up.  It’s not like the Re-Boot list of changes was filled with unattainable and insurmountable goals.  They were meant to be simple.  They were not meant to stop me in my tracks.

So October, let’s fix this.

A few days ago, I decided with the upcoming 2016 Presidential election, I should go back and look at all my politically inspired posts and spruce them up a bit.  I have added new OTRWD Headers/Banners and backgrounds to each of the “Getting Political” entries as well as the entries in the “Politics” category.  You can take a look at them in the Gallery.

I feel good about the images and the message they convey for the entries.  Look for upcoming “Vote Quote” entries as well as my 2016 Presidential Endorsement in the next week or so.


Then, I decided that since I consider Halloween a great holiday, I should add new Halloween Banners to all my Halloween entries, as well as, having them rotate throughout this month on the home page, with accompanying appropriate backgrounds.

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Now maybe all that wasn’t necessary, but it did a few things. It got me thinking.  It got me off my creative ass.  It got me moving. It broke that inertia that was keeping me at a standstill. Which all led to me being here in this entry, grateful for what I have; what I can do for myself, and what lies ahead.  And it gives me the needed resolve to go back and start this whole “reboot thingy” once again.

If you rewx1080call, or if you are just joining in today, the Re-Boot is a list of nine things to improve or change in my life. I was inspired by blogger/actor Wil Wheaton , who last year decided to make some changes and Re-Set his life with a similar list.  I started my list on the occasion of my 54th birthday.  Each month I was to update my readers and give myself a “grade” based on a standard 4.0 point college grading scale to track my progress. As explain above, this reboot has required a complete system shutdown and recovery.  But gratefully, the “ole” hard drive is intact and ready to take on some new programming this time.  I know I can make progress now.

Let’s review the Re-Boot List, shall we?

  1. This year I will make a concerted effort to read 3 books by Ernest Holmes, The Founder of Science of Mind. I will also begin reading the works of Neville Goddard.

  2.  I will open a savings account for travel. (How can “it” be On The Road With Dave–if I’m never on the road?)

  3. I will begin a more thorough research of walking the Camino de Santiago and will blog about my progress up until the eventual trip and while on the trip.

  4. I will read more.  (Wikipedia doesn’t count) Reading more will always lead to writing more

  5.  I will perform comedy at least twice a month.

  6. I will learn to play the Banjo

  7. I will FINALLY quit Smoking

  8. I will lose 20 pounds through better diet, supplements, and regular exercise

  9. I will DE-CLUTTER my life, as a first and ongoing step in my upgrade.

And so, today I resolve to start again.  And if you were encouraged to reset your own life by either Wil Wheaton or myself; let me say congratulations on the progress you may be making. If you are like myself, and stumbled–then it’s okay to start again.  Maybe you will have to make multiple attempts. Keep at it. Don’t let the daily stress or ill-nature prevent you from accomplishing your goals or place them at a standstill.  Start again. Or Again.   There’s no shame in rebooting once or twice before it “takes”.


broken_computerThe Reboot: On the occasion of celebrating 54 years on this Earth and with the inspiration of another blogger, I am rebooting my life and upgrading to “Dave 5.4”.  These eight 9 things are what I feel I need to do at this moment in my life.  Maybe I will do more, maybe I will do less…As I learn more, and do more, I’m sure I will make further changes and refinements.  I will let my progress decide the next course of action.



Your “Vote Quote” For The Day

800px-brandeisl“The most important political office is that of the private citizen.”

–Louis Brandeis

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