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gomer-pyle-shameI was supposed to give readers an update on my “ReBoot” progress by the end of July. Here we are six days into August and not a peep out of me.

I have to admit July was a rough month for progress.  I had a serious decline in income and at the last week in July, my wife picked up a nasty bug (Cryptosporidium) and landed in the hospital.  Thankfully, she’s home now, but still not well.

With all that, I also have suffered from a long bout of insomnia and I have been “entertaining” the “blues” for some reason, at the moment, that I can’t precisely place my finger on.

So the photo of Gomer Pyle, USMC telling me, “For Shame, For Shame, For Shame” is appropriate for this update.

I did manage to come up with a new custom header for the “ReBoot” series. It’s not professionally done and was strictly a DIY project using the GIMP free program; but it gets the point across as readers arrive for these updates.


And, I found a “Matrix”-esqe background for the updates, as well as a few others, that I’m experimenting with.

matrix bacground



Anyway, let’s review the “Reboot List” and give myself the bad grade that I know I deserve.  By the way, the grading system is the standard 4.0 point university-level grading scale.  With a total of nine items on the list, my top score would be 36.  The full, detailed list can be found at my second update, “Getting Rid Of The Clutter”.

Read 3 books by Ernest Holmes, The Founder of Science of Mind–I have started, “Science of Mind” by Ernest Holmes and I have been reading articles at Science of Mind Archives and Library FoundationGrade 2.0  C

Open a savings account for travel–With a decrease in income, all monies are going to normal day-to-day and monthly expenses.  I do have money in savings, but it is not earmarked for travel.  Grade 1.0 D

I will begin a more thorough research of walking the Camino de Santiago–That is going well. I have found some new resources, but have not begun to blog about my research. A new Camino-based link is now in my sidebar under “Links I Like”.  Grade 3.0 B

I will read more. (Wikipedia doesn’t count) — Grade 2.0 C
Enough Said.

I will perform comedy at least twice a month– With my current, ongoing pity-party, I haven’t felt like writing comedy or performing. So, there has been no progress on this one. Grade 0.0 F

I will learn to play the Banjo–Again, the creative juices have not been flowing. I did have the banjo tuned, and I have found my finger picks and instructional DVD that was lost in the clutter.  So, I’m gonna grade on a curve here.  Grade .67 D-

I will FINALLY quit Smoking–Fuhgeddaboutit! No way this past month.
Grade 0.0 F

I will lose 20 pounds through better diet, supplements, and regular exercise–I have lost about 3 pounds, but not through better health habits. Grading on a curve, I’m gonna give myself a C-; because it is some progress. Grade 1.67 C-

I will DE-CLUTTER my life, as a first and ongoing step in my upgrade.–This one is still ongoing. I have made quite a bit of progress, getting stuff boxed up, thrown away, or ready for storage. I do a little bit each day, from large projects, to cleaning out files or throwing away old paperwork. I did less in July than the first month I started the project, but on a curve, I’m giving myself a decent grade.  Grade 3.33 B+

Total Grade–13.67 Points Out Of 36

GRADE 1.52  D+

Feel Free to Check The Math.grade conversion scale

I have work to do.  I will have better grades at the end of August.  I just need to work out some things and I know progress will pick up.  I just have to remain honest with myself and my efforts.

I’ll have another update for you at the end of the month and more blog entries between now and then.

And So It Is.




131011MackieWin8RestartThe Reboot: On the occasion of celebrating 54 years on this Earth and with the inspiration of another blogger, I am rebooting my life and upgrading to “Dave 5.4”.  These eight 9 things are what I feel I need to do at this moment in my life.  Maybe I will do more, maybe I will do less…As I learn more, and do more, I’m sure I will make further changes and refinements.  I will let my progress decide the next course of action.

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2 Responses to For Shame, For Shame, For Shame / The ReBoot

  1. Eastlyn says:


    Don’t college students (college style grading get extensions sometimes. Sorry to hear of your income drop & being sick. I just do not understand hoe that I might feel; I wish the first half of this sentence were true, ha ha ha . Keep on smiling throughout the rain. It is a great song. I have not had a formal reboot with a fancy button graphic. I am favorably impressed but I have decided to be a person of integrity & to be an every day hero. Small things I am doing so my local corner of The world gets nicer. Crypto is bad. Be careful about tap water or maybe just research this point.

    Eastlyn Dawn Burkholder
    Monticello Mississippi

  2. Dave Robison says:

    Thanks for stopping by, Eastlyn

    College students do get extensions, and I am by no means done with these improvements. I’ll keep on with my progress and provide more updates. Keep doing what you are doing to improve your corner of the world. That’s what we all need to do!


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