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“We now join today’s blog entry already in progress”

This is my first update on my journey to Re-Boot certain parts of my life.

Last month on my birthday  I decided to make a few changes in my life and start over on some things I wanted to carry out. I mentioned Wil Wheaton’s “Re-Set on His Life” and I made a list of some things I needed to Re-Boot in my own life. I made a list of 8 things.  I also mentioned that I would give you occasional updates and I might even make a few changes or additions.

In parts, from last month’s “Upgrading to Dave 5.4/The ReBoot”,

“Since, I have adopted a new attitude on growing older, maybe I need to ‘upgrade’ or ‘reboot’ my life this new year…With these thoughts in mind,  and on the occasion of celebrating 54 years on this Earth and with the inspiration of Wil Wheaton, I will ‘install’ the Upgrade to Dave 5.4…As I learn more, and do more, I’m sure I will make further changes and refinements and I may add new things to the Upgrade List or decide something is not working.  I will let my progress decide the next course of action.”

This month I’m making an addition.

It’s no secret that I am a procrastinator from way back.  I put off doing stuff.  I also put off getting rid of stuff.  Sometimes it’s for sentimental reasons, and other times I invoke some logic that the thing/stuff may be important later.  When I got married I was saving everything. My wife thought she may have married a First-Level Beginner Hoarder.  Books, papers, memorabilia, toys, even a stack of newspapers five-feet high that I was “saving” because they contained articles that might one day in the future–someday soon– at some point in time; be ideas for books, magazines articles or comedy routines I would STORAGE4write. By the way, she endured 4 moves, toting these items from location, to new location.  Now, don’t worry. Over the past 35 years, I have shed that habit down to almost nothing. Almost.

But also, over those years, we have accumulated our fair share of clutter, and have kept a lot of items that are in storage, because we have no room in our new house.  Our house lacks the closet space of other places we have lived in through the years, and we have two grown sons living with us with their fair share of items and a tendency to exhibit their Dad’s early habits.

So I decided that before I could tackle the 8 things I must implement to re-boot my life–I would need to add one more item. Remember? I said this might happen.  If I am to bring new things into my life, then I must make room for them.

Let’s review the Re-Boot List, shall we?

  1. This year I will make a concerted effort to read 3 books by Ernest Holmes, The Founder of Science of Mind. I will also begin reading the works of Neville Goddard.
  2.  I will open a savings account for travel. (How can “it” be On The Road With Dave–if I’m never on the road?)
  3. I will begin a more thorough research of walking the Camino de Santiago and will blog about my progress up until the eventual trip and while on the trip.
  4. I will read more.  (Wikipedia doesn’t count) Reading more will always lead to writing more
  5.  I will perform comedy at least twice a month.
  6. I will learn to play the Banjo
  7. I will FINALLY quit Smoking
  8. I will lose 20 pounds through better diet, supplements, and regular exercise

Now, I am adding Number 9 to the list.  It’s an odd-numbered list to match an odd blogger

9. I will DE-CLUTTER my life, as a first and ongoing step in my upgrade.

Just like deleting files and random programs can make a computer more efficient and faster-running, I will “delete” junk, files, papers, books, clothing and household items I no longer use or desire and will make space in my life for more value.  I will become better organized and simplify my life, as well as, my possessions.

And, I have already started on that new item. I started last week.  I began with our carport, CARPORTSTORAGE2because it was publicly visible to our neighborhood. It would also demonstrate a significant difference when completed.

As is my way, I tend to make things worse, before I make them better. The carport was already a disaster area of boxes, tools, garden implements,cluttered shelves, and tool boxes suffering from disorganization.  On top of all that, throw in assorted trash and leaves.

So, I threw down all the stuff from the shelves, emptied tool box drawers on to the floor, and dumped out boxes. I made an ordinary accident-waiting-to-happen into an exceptional war-torn pile CARSTORAGE2of rubble. I think the neighbors might have taken exception to the plummeting property values of that week.

I began a systematic re-organizing of tools, shelving, and storage boxes. I threw away the rusty, the broken, the irreparable. I threw away the empty paint cans(yes, I was saving empty paint cans) from our interior refurbishing when we first moved into the house.

Those items that I still wanted to keep–but not at the house–I loaded into the SUV and drove to my awaiting storage unit.The storage unit is a separate project within working on Number 9 of the List. I will tackle it STORAGE2this weekend after mowing the yard, doing some weeding and spraying for pests of the summer variety; such as mosquitoes and a type of biting fly that is harassing my wife.

As you can see, I have a lot of work ahead of me and needless to say, there will be a large yard-sale when I’m finished. There are lots of items I no longer need; but that are still of use.  Proceeds from the yard sale will be added to a new savings account for Number 2 and Number 3 on the list.

While all this is going on, I am also cleaning out closets, cabinets, and making some minor repairs as I uncover them, on the inside of the house. I’m disposing of old files and papers and I’m collecting up old clothes, coats and shoes for The Goodwill.  I’m choosing not to be completely open and honest–I’m NOT showing any photos of the interior of my house at the moment.

I remembered that I completed a similar list and gave some advice back in 2004-05 on this blog to my readers wanting to follow in my steps.  I went back into the Archives and tagged those blog entries, for when you were curious about my “Tuesday In Focus” series. I still use one of the resources in that series, when I need to organize old papers and files.  You can also take a look at last week’s “Sunday Thoughts”.  I provided a list of quotations about clutter and dealing with it; as a prelude to today’s entry.

STORAGE6More updates regarding the Re-Boot will occur as I begin to work on all the items simultaneously throughout the year. A more thorough update and a personal grading for the Upgrade/Re-Boot List will come next month.  Until then, I’m making a good start of it. Even, if I’m starting from the bottom of the newly revised list.

Or, as I tackle this storage unit…the top left corner







131011MackieWin8RestartThe Reboot: On the occasion of celebrating 54 years on this Earth and with the inspiration of another blogger, I am rebooting my life and upgrading to “Dave 5.4”.  These eight 9 things are what I feel I need to do at this moment in my life.  Maybe I will do more, maybe I will do less…As I learn more, and do more, I’m sure I will make further changes and refinements.  I will let my progress decide the next course of action.

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