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“There is guidance for each of us, and by lowly listening, we shall hear the right word.”  –Ralph Waldo Emerson

It’s my birthday. If you know me, or have followed me on Facebook over the years, you would expect me to say something negative about growing older,  complaining about not being 19 anymore; or whatever.  However, I didn’t do it last year and I’m definitely not doing it this year.  I like my life, where it is.  Oh sure, we all complain about getting older, getting fatter, having a few more aches and pains than we used too.  But,  I decided that my life still has a “ways to go”, and there’s plenty more for me to do.  I no longer believe in–  “it’s too late to do that”–anymore.

On this date last year, my goal was to get this website back online.  It wasn’t too late to learn a few new things and reboot this blog into something new and mostly modern.  And over the past year, I have learned even more and have upgraded the site once or twice to the point that it is mostly where I want it.

A few months ago, I read a blog entry by Wil Wheaton regarding his perception as to where his life was. He felt as if he needed to “reset” his life and make some improvements. He came up with 7 things he wanted to change or achieve.  From drinking less beer to reading more.  He regularly gives his readers updates on his victories.  As I approached my birthday today, I began to think of today as a “New Years Day”.  It is the beginning of a new year of my life on this earth.  And with a new year should come new resolutions.  And since, I have adopted a new attitude on growing older, maybe I need to “upgrade” or “reboot” my life this new year; in place of upgrading a website.

I have been making small changes, in the area of faith.  My wife is Buddhist.  I have a great interest in Biblical History and I having been studying the Science of Mind and New Thought philosophies.  Since I have become an ordained officiant for weddings; thoughts on how to proceed when a couple wants a religious ceremony have been on my mind.

I have a desire to travel.  One of the places I want to visit is Spain. I want to walk the Pilgrimage trail of Camino de Santiago.  My goal is to walk “The Way” in my 56th year.  Preparations will involved health changes, financial changes, and a deeper faith in something.

I want to increase my performances in Stand-Up Comedy.  I have had booked performances and open mic performances over the last year. I want to increase these activities and begin to travel outside of my immediate area.  I also have a desire to learn new avenues of performing including acting, music and voice.

I have let my health decline over the last year.  Too much smoking, too much weight gain, not enough exercise, and a poor sleeping schedule has led to more anxiety, respiratory issues and a less-than-stellar  self-image on some days.   This needs to change.

With these thoughts in mind,  and on the occasion of celebrating 54 years on this Earth and with the inspiration of Wil Wheaton, I will “install” the Upgrade to “Dave 5.4”

  1. This year I will make a concerted effort to read 3 books by Ernest Holmes, The Founder updateof Science of Mind. I will also begin reading the works of Neville Goddard.
  2.  I will open a savings account for travel.
  3. I will begin a more thorough research of walking the Camino and will blog about my progress up until the eventual trip and while on the trip.
  4. I will read more.  (Wikipedia doesn’t count) Reading more will always lead to writing more
  5.  I will perform comedy at least twice a month.
  6. I will learn to play the Banjo
  7. I will FINALLY quit Smoking
  8. I will lose 20 pounds through better diet, supplements, and regular exercise.

These 8 things are what I feel I need to do at this moment in my life.  Maybe I will do 2014-08-29_15_20_20_'Upgrade_-_Maintain_Speed'_sign_along_Interstate_95_northbound_just_north_of_Exit_1_in_Ewing,_New_Jerseymore, maybe I will do less.  I will, from time to time, let you in on the progress. Of course if you are really observant, you might notice some changes as they occur.  But, if I am to really write more as I have decided, then you’ll probably hear about it.  I’m sure I will speak loudly of the progress and softly of the stumbles, but forward momentum is what I am striving for.

As I learn more, and do more, I’m sure I will make further changes and refinements and I may add new things to the Upgrade List or decide something is not working.  I will let my progress decide the next course of action.

“We should permit ourselves to be guided, for there is something within us, deep at the center of our being, which knows what we ought to do and how we ought to do it. If we listen to the divine presence, it will direct us and guide us.”

— Ernest Holmes

Thanks Wil Wheaton, we’ll see if my “Upgrade” will compare to your “Re-Set”.  Either way, I think we’ll both win out in the end.




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