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This blog entry will basically appeal to the “techies”, “geeks” and computer nerds out there. You know…people that are smarter and more talented than me.  When I updated this blog last May, I installed WordPress as my platform; and at the time, it was Version 4.1.  Anybody that knows  anything about software knows that a lot can change in 10 months and WordPress kept reminding me of their constant updates to their platform and they also kept letting me know that my blog Theme I was using was also out-of-date and that they had revamped it as well, with “bug fixes” and security updates, and tweaks, and tin whistles.

Anybody that also knows anything about me, knows I don’t do change well.  So, I kept ignoring the reminders and quietly agonizing over when I should bite the bullet and install the updates.  I had made most of my modifications to the existing theme one CSS code line at a time and had reported of my progress and frustration at this blog and on Facebook over the course of months leading up to the blog re-launch last year.  Anyone that knows anything about WordPress knows that if you haven’t prepared properly–an update erases all of your carefully planned and agonized-over modifications.

This past Easter Weekend, I had some time.  I prepared my database backup, copied my existing theme, and some other CSS codes, disabled all my plugins, and hit the “Update” button on my Theme and my WordPress Platform.  And held my breath.

I temporarily “broke my theme” according to the error message, and managed to correct the situation and the WordPress Update completed successfully. It was a fairly smooth process, BUT, I did lose a few original modifications with the theme style and colors.  Thanks to my backup notes, I was able to correct all of them, except one.  That one, I’m holding off correcting, because I may not add it back in. I’m still deciding.

I’ll show you.

Before the update, the blog had a border that contained the blog entries apart from the sidebar and margins.  The Wayback Machine has a copy of “On The Road With Dave” before the change.


326screengrab2It was something that had always been part of the blog from its old-days on Blogger. The guy that helped me design the blog placed the border in the blog, because the design depended on a “table layout” for website design that is not used very much any more.

I had always kept the border because, well, you know me–I dislike change.  And it looked good as-is.

But, with this “techy” update; as I made my corrections, I kept looking at the site without the border “containing” everything and it looked more free, more open, and more inviting.  I don’t know. I’m no design expert, and I can add the borders back in “easy-peasy”, but I think I will leave them off for now.


The update also allowed me to add a simple script that keeps count of my visitors.  WordPress provides me with a detailed analysis of my website’s visitors,  pages viewed, locations of visitors, and search terms that led them here.  But, the little counters they provide for display on the site didn’t look good to me, so I have a small little counter in my sidebar that lets my readers know how many “Travelers” have been to the blog.

Last but not least, for the “techies” still reading…

The Technical Specifications for the blog as of this date is I am using WordPress 4.4 “Clifford” named after Jazz Trumpeter Clifford Brown. I also included the Security Updates to 4.4.2  and I am using WordPress Theme 2010 Version 2.1.

And speaking of Clifford Brown, for all you non-techies out there, (like me) why don’t you just forget about all this geek “mumbo-jumbo” and listen to “Brownie” just play some Jazz.


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