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Sometimes, I remember stuff…and then that stuff makes me remember other stuff.  I’m sure I’m not the only one.  Lately, I’m remembering stuff from a long time ago.  I guess as I get older, the short-term memory decreases and the long-term memory takes over.

Case in point: the other night I remembered something that sent me on a search on the Google, (I don’t remember the original thought) but the search reminded me of something else, that led to another search that led to today’s blog entry.

Back in the late 1970s and early 1980s there was no Internet. (I know, hard to believe, right?) If you wanted to research a topic, you went to the library, read microfilm, or researched your home World Book Encyclopedia collection.  Or you could call upon the United States Government.

That’s riconsumer-info-catalogght, the US Government would provide a catalog of free or cheap pamphlets, books, monographs, charts, and booklets and would mail them to you postage free.

The information came from the Federal Consumer Information Center in Pueblo, Colorado.  The center is now known as the  Federal Citizen Information Center, it is a division of the GSA and still produces The Consumer Information Catalog, the “Google” of its day.

The catalog’s address was simple and the center had its own US Zip Code, 81009;  that was as memorable to the 1970s culture as was Beverly Hills, CA 90210. You could simply write,

Pueblo, Colorado

and the Center would receive your order and ship it out to your return address.

If this were a status update on Facebook–a blog entry such as this might be tagged #ThrowbackThursday, but it’s Monday and there’s not a #ManyYearsAgoMonday hashtag, so we’ll just say, that it’s a OTRWD “Diversion” and I hope my “remembering stuff about other stuff” makes you remember these commercials.  And if you’re too young to remember, then maybe you will get a little enjoyment out of what “we” used to go through to get some information about how to fix a drain or start a budget.



My favorite commercial could not be embedded, so check out;


Isn’t that an appropriate site name?


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