2015–By The Numbers

End of the yearIn my timezone as of this writing, less than 30 minutes remain in the year, 2015.  In downtown Mobile, Alabama, they are ready to bring in the New Year with the annual Moon Pie Drop. And bloggers world-wide are writing that last blog entry of the year. Searching Google, I found numerous links to articles for “End Of The Year Blog Ideas”, but I wanted to do something different, other than a typical “Year In Review” entry.

WordPress sent me an email this week, that provided the inspiration, in the form of a 2015 statistics report on how “On The Road With Dave” is doing since its rebirth in May.

I’m not publishing the statistics to boast. Some of the figures are anemic compared to other blogs out there. But, the progress is what it is, and it’s nice to see everything in black and white.

So, as we leave 2015 behind; here’s On The Road By The Numbers

  1.  12, 198 Malicious Log-In Attempts Were Made. (Geez, Hackers Get A Fricken’ Life)
  2. 677 SPAM comments were blocked. (Ditto for you Spammers out there)
  3. 76 New Blog Entries Have been published since the rebirth of the blog on May 6, 2015
  4.  1224 Total Blog Entries have been published since the blog’s start on June 14, 2015
  5. The blog currently has a total of 4161 links, of which 2939 are unique.
  6.  3200 Visits to “On The Road With Dave” since May 2015
  7.  Approximately 250,000 Visits to “On The Road With Dave” since its inception.
  8. 2730 visits came from the United States.
  9. 158 visits came from Canada
  10. 39 visits came from Brazil
  11. 51 total countries visited the blog
  12.  Over 500 Images have been published on the blog
  13.  The busiest day of 2015 was December 19, 2015, with 58 views.
  14.  The most popular entry was Down The Aisle With Dave.
  15.  32 Entries were published on Sundays. (The most consistent publishing day)

See the complete report along with some fireworks below.

2015 year in blogging | On The Road With Dave

See the fireworks On The Road With Dave created by blogging on WordPress. Check out their 2015 annual report.



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