Merry Anniversary Charlie Brown Christmas!

50 years ago, on December 9, 1965; CBS Television and the Coca-Cola company, along with Charles M. Schulz and producers, Lee Mendelson and Bill Meléndez put voice and animation to the beloved comic strip characters, “Peanuts”.

charlie brown christmasThe 50th Anniversary showing of  A Charlie Brown Christmas aired tonight on ABC Television, about a week ahead of the original air date. An encore of the show will air Christmas Eve along with an hour-long special tribute and celebrity musical performances.

USAToday carried news of “A Charlie Brown Christmas 50th Anniversary” reminding everyone of 50 reasons why we still love the classic cartoon.  Of note and news, is the often-stated fact of the special cartoon being part of only a handful of TV shows with direct religious references and Biblical readings.

Although, I was alive when the cartoon first aired, my earliest memory of an airing was probably when I was 7 or eight. I do remember the Coca-Cola billboard during the opening ice skating scene, but the advertiser that sticks in my mind was the later sponsor, Dolly Madison cakes and pies.

DVD and Blu-Ray editions of the 50th Anniversary show are available at A Charlie Brown Christmas (Blu-Ray) on Amazon.

And for a different spin on the whole “it-just-doesn’t-feel-like- Christmas-Charlie-Brown”, I submit for your approval a video “Diversion”.

The cast of the former television show, “Scrubs” in their own holiday version of “A Newbie Christmas” or as they call it, My Charlie Brown Christmas.

Peanuts character photo ©ABC Television

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2 Responses to Merry Anniversary Charlie Brown Christmas!

  1. Emilee says:

    Good memories…

    Oh, and I love the video!

  2. Dave Robison says:

    Hey Ms. Em,

    Thanks for stopping by.

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