The Road To Kindness

Nance Cheifetz and Peter Grazier have a mission for kindness.  They are not affiliated with a church. They are not a cult. They are not a charity. They are just two people living in Sausalito, California being kind to everyone they meet. And they go out of their way to meet people.

kindnessvanPeter and Nance traded in their Lexus for a 1990 VW bus. The van,  christened “Bodhi”, is adorned with inspirational quotes and messages of love and kindness. But, the couple use the van to carry gifts of love and kindness to their fellow humans.

Whether it is small chocolates to a janitorial staff, hot chocolate on a cold day to pedestrians, or a free lunch to passersby on the street; Peter and Nance consider it all a small cost to show their appreciation and love to the people around them.

Read their story on OZY or visit their site, KindnessActs.

Watch their video and let it be more than today’s “Saturday Diversion”Maybe their story will cause you to commit a random act of kindness to a total stranger and make your day and the stranger’s day just a little bit better.

Kindness Van Delivers Joy And Smiles To Strangers

Peter Grazier and Nance Cheifetz have dedicated their lives to making people happy. Since 2013, the kind pair have spent their time improving strangers’ lives. How? They drive their ‘Kindness Van’ named ‘Brodhi’ around, of course. ‘Brodhi’ is decorated with positive words, quotes and pictures. “Peo…


Special thanks to my wife for recommending OZY. By the way, you can also visit and “Like” her Facebook page, The Alabama Buddhist.

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