Construction-Zone-End-of-Road-Work-SignHave you driven past a road construction sign that announces “Road Work Begins”? I’m sure we all have. And then about two miles down the road, there’s another sign stating that at that point “Road Work Ends”.  Have you noticed that at some of these construction zones; it looks like there hasn’t been any construction, nor does it look likely that any construction will ever happen?

workinprogressThat’s not the case regarding the recent construction here at this blog. If you’ve stopped by over the last few days, you were greeted with a page that said I was doing some work on the blog and you could proceed no further.  That “work” is now completed and as you look around at the place you may ask yourself, “What construction took place? I don’t see anything different” Let me show you around.

Since May of this year, the blog is written with WordPress.  All the older entries dating back to June of 2004 were written using Blogger.  Those entries from Blogger transferred just fine to WordPress, but they also appeared on the web through search engine results under the old format and design from Blogger.  This caused multiple errors and 404 Error Redirects.  It also caused the “Archives” of older entries to work improperly by only showing the entries originating from WordPress.

After much research and trial and error, I hit upon the idea of going into the server database and poking around in the files for clues that might lead to a solution. Bear in mind, I’m not a computer programmer or HTML/CSS expert–so the results could have been disastrous.  I experimented and changed some file names of the old transferred Blogger files. This “unlocked” the access of the improved WordPress files and disabled the old entries so they would not appear on the Web.  It also enabled the entire “Archives” located at WordPress.  And that’s when I put up the “Road Construction” block and made a few more changes.

1. Each blog entry has a unique URL (permalink) ending in (dot)html.  My understanding is that this helps with Search Engine Optimization and listing results through Google.

2. The above change, resulted in work that involved inspecting 3758 links on the blog and correcting over 250 “broken” links.  All links should be corrected now. If you notice an errant link as you browse the Archives, please send me an email and I’ll correct it.

3. Those Archives I keep talking about are now in the blog’s sidebar, listed as The Old Roads. I hope readers enjoy looking back through the years.

4. I made a minor change at The Historical Marker page. I changed the background color surrounding the page to better match the feel of a roadside historical landmark and the color of many signs in state and national parks. It’s subtle, but I like it.

I think that any future changes I make will occur simply and through the daily course of writing at the blog. New banners, new sidebar links, and new photos will naturally happen. I don’t anticipate making any other changes that would require closing the blog for any length of time. But, you never know.

Thanks for your patience and I hope I didn’t get any dust on you during the construction.

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  1. Congratulations. Curiosity and patience wins the day! (smiley face)

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