New Sign At “Comedy This Exit”

ATTRACTIONS22I’m starting a new feature at Comedy This Exit. Local comedians need exposure. So I’ll be conducting interviews of Gulf Coast Comedians who you may not have heard of, but deserve to be heard. The new feature will appear weekly (or bi weekly) on Wednesdays, just in case you are looking for weekend plans.

All entries will run concurrently at Comedy This Exit and On The Road With Dave. Each entry will also be promoted at MY Facebook page and On The Road With Dave’s Facebook page. I will also promote each entry at my Twitter Page and my LinkedIn page.

Comedians wishing to be interviewed via email may contact me on Facebook or they can leave a comment at the Comedy This Exit blog.

On Facebook, after sending me a friend request; you can contact me via a Private Message with your email.  At Comedy This Exit, you can leave a comment and include your email address. I will not approve the comment. By processing the request in this manner, we should reduce the risk of unwanted email SPAM.

I hope this grows into a popular regular feature for Comedy This Exit.

And in keeping with the theme of the blog, think about those roadside traffic signs alerting you to Food, Gas, Lodging and Attractions.

Coming up at Comedy this Exit, look for the ATTRACTIONS sign!

About Dave Robison

Now Appearing in an Extended Engagement! Join Dave Robison as he takes you into his world and his daily life of reviving a stand-up comedy career. Prepare for side trips exploring Public Relations, marketing and business ethics. Enjoy some frequent detours describing his observations on life. Read the exploits of this self-proclaimed Renaissance-man and blooming blogger as you go On The Road With Dave. From Mobile, Alabama comes Dave Robison, a confessed Internet-aholic, middle-aged-married-man, who's generally a nice guy--he just has one or two issues. Stand-Up Comedy by Dave Robison is available for corporate events, college campuses, and nightclubs.
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