“I Now Pronounce You…”

A few years ago, I carpooled to work with this guy.  At work, I knew this girl.  Guy met girl. Girl liked guy. Guy was shy. I somehow managed to talk to both about the situation–becoming a “messenger”, a go-between; let’s face it–I was their “redneck Cupid”.  The relationship blossomed.

About 5 months ago, they got in touch with me and bestowed upon me a great honor. They asked if I would officiate at their wedding. Would I perform the ceremony and sign on the dotted line to make them a legally married couple in the state of Alabama?

I said, “Certainly”

But first,  I would need to become a legally ordained officiant for the state of Alabama.  As of today, Sept 9th 2015, I applied for ordination online through American Marriage Ministries; and was ordained. Ordination was free. For a small fee, I opted for a package through the website for forms to submit to my local probate office for proper registration with the county.

I also looked at ordination through the Universal Life Church, but chose AMM instead. No particular reason. AMM just seemed right.

American Marriage Ministries Theological Doctrine is simple.

American Marriage Ministries, its members, ministers and congregants, believe that marriage is a sacred union. We believe that marriage is the natural right of all people, regardless of race, sexual identity, nationality, socioeconomic status, or religious background.

Marriage is celebrated all around the world in a variety of ways, each marital ceremony celebrating the values of the couple, their community, and their cultures. The traditions of marriage predate the founding of the United States, the Abrahamic religions, and the emergence of democratic society. We believe that a phenomenon so ancient and revered, and so ubiquitous throughout the ages, can only be defined as sacred.

Our faith is one that is universal. Marriage is an institution that crosses cultural boundaries and unites peoples. We believe that marriage is of a higher power.

We believe that every couple united in marriage has the right to choose how they will observe, and who will conduct, their sacred rite.

My first wedding ceremony will be October 24th, 2015. After performing the ceremony for these two dear friends, I am making myself available for other couples wishing to get married.

ericaceremonyAnd with recent legal rulings, I am happy to perform same-sex marriages. I am also comfortable with non-religious, secular ceremonies.  If  a couple desires a religious or spiritual ceremony I am willing; so long as it is considered proper by their existing faiths.

This is an interesting and enlightening path to pursue. The opportunity to develop new friendships and participate in such an important event in people’s lives will not be taken lightly.

To that first couple, those dear friends; Thank You.





Photo © by Alisha Satterfield

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8 Responses to “I Now Pronounce You…”

  1. Emilee says:

    Congrats on your new venture!

  2. That is so way cool. Congratulations to the couple and congratulations to you.

    There are multiple counties (9-13 depending on your source) in Alabama that refuse to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Will you be counseling same-sex couples where they may attain marriage licenses in Alabama?

    Are you now to be called minister or reverend or simply redneck cupid your holiness? 😉

  3. Oops – I messed up the HTML tags/attributes on that last comment. My apologies to you and your readers. I only wanted to bold may.

  4. Dave Robison says:

    Mobile and Baldwin Counties issue same-sex licenses. There are counties that are now refusing to issue ANY marriage licenses. Couples living in those counties can travel to other counties.

    In the church I grew up in, all members were called “Brother” or “Sister”. Ministers delivered the sermon, and were still only referred to as “Brother So-and-So”. Titles such as “Reverend” were not used.

    I’m happy to be called “Dave” or officiant. (or “Your Eminence”)

  5. Jay Johnson says:

    An actor friend of mine, who has passed on now, used to officiate at the wedding of friends. I watched him perform many weddings, including one for my brother-in-law. It is a sacred ceremony but also a show. Entertainers just know how to make it special. good on you, Dave.

  6. Dave Robison says:

    Thanks Jay. Nice to see you at my blog. Made my day.

  7. rocket says:

    That’s awesome Dave, or should I refer to you as your Dave-ness?

    Maybe if Mrs. Rocket & I ever renew our vows we’ll go to you! Would you dress up as an Elvis?

    I’m following even if I don’t comment all the time Dave! Love your stuff!

  8. Dave Robison says:

    Rocket, my friend!

    If you provide the costume, I’ll dress up in it. Thank you, thank you very much.

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