On May 10th, 2015, I published the last entry at one of my most popular blogs I own–originally, titled “Tex’s Quixtar Blog”, and later “Tex’s Amway Global Blog”.


The blog started out to give “Tex”, (a pseudonym for a certain Amway distributor) an avenue to express his displeasure with certain business practices of other Amway distributors. These distributors were involved in complex motivational organizations selling books, recordings, and events to their members, in order to motivate and teach their members how to succeed in the Amway direct sales business.

Most of these organizations were, and still are, under fire for their claims and practices that supposedly offer the fastest ways to success.

During 2008, “Tex” was commenting heavily at other blogs and websites that were either in favor of these organizations or decidedly against them.  His methods of debate, attack, and constant reiteration of his stance made him unwelcome at most of these sites.

So, I started a blog that posted Tex’s comments from other sites, and allowed “Tex” to comment and clarify his stances without the fear of being banned. (As was happening to him by other sites at an alarming rate)

Soon afterwards, “Tex” was granted permission to publish his own entries at the blog and readership soared. Hundreds paid “Tex” a visit to comment, argue, and rail against his entries.

I think that a certain amount of credit goes to me in that eventually “Tex” was actually invited by the Amway Corporation to visit one of their corporate events to voice his opinions face-to-face with certain Amway executives.

Things progressed downhill from there.

“Tex” was eventually sued by Amway for a myriad of reasons and “Tex” brought a  counter-suit.  At the conclusion of the legal battle; “Tex” asked that all his blog entries be archived and not visible to the public. (I might add, that this was not a requirement of the legal ruling)

The blog sat for a few years, with just my entries that originally started the blog and a few holiday postings. In the meantime, “Tex” went on to start a new blog.

Since, On The Road With Dave is back again and with a slant not directed at Direct Sales, Multilevel Marketing or specifically Amway–I have decided to permanently place “Tex”s blog on hiatus.

burnett flagTwo entries remain. One explains the initial deletion of all Tex’s entries. The last one requests all visitors to visit Tex’s new site, Stop The Tool Scam.

So, for those old readers of OTRWD looking to still find mentions of “Tex” and his antics here at this blog–it’s probably not going to happen.

Officially, Tex Is On His Own.

And, if you’re still craving “Texas talk” might I suggest,
Talking Texan”


You may see a suggestion at the end of this entry to read “Tex and Dave: Not The Same. This was a short-lived side controversy regarding the Tex Blog back in 2009. A conspiracy theorist was suggesting Tex was a fictional character created by “moi”.

You can follow the suggested links.


UPDATE AUGUST 2016: In 2011, all but a few entries at Tex’s Blog were archived due to a concluded legal battle between “Tex” and Amway Corporation.  Entries made by myself were recently added back to the blog.(Such as the blog introduction and holiday postings)  2 other entries remain at that blog and briefly explain the blog’s demise and recommends readers to another site.



Read About The Burnet Flag

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17 Responses to TEX IS ON HIS OWN

  1. You provided “Tex” a good outlet for his concerns. I hope he finally realized the value of his own blog and made the most of the opportunity to address them. I read through some of the discussion on his site, and Tex definitely interacted with his readers and they with him.

  2. DaveRobison says:

    Except, his interaction led to his legal issues.

  3. rocket says:

    Yeah, sometimes less is more.

    It can help things turn less litigious-ly.

    I hope he’s doing well.

  4. DaveRobison says:

    Rocket! My Friend!

    Thanks for stopping by. Please tell 6 of your friends and have them tell 4; and they can tell 2 more. OR update that blog of yours and tell everybody!

  5. Tex says:

    Thanks for reading Alan, it’s good to know there’s another sheep out there, along with Rocket and Dave: http://www.policeone.com/police-heroes/articles/1709289-Book-Excerpt-On-Sheep-Wolves-and-Sheepdogs/ baahhh!

    I’m doing VERY well, Rocket would know that if he read my current blog. Rocket would get more people updated by doing the 6/4/2 thing. His blog readership is VERY low.

    My lawsuit was not a “downhill” experience, as I explain on my blog, because I kicked Amway’s corporate butt. Taking down the old blog WAS a requirement from the lawsuit, as there were certain portions that did not conform to the very minor restrictions that came out of the settlement agreement, and since I didn’t want to take the time to go through every single post to make it compliant, it made more sense to start anew.

    Also, it’s not just the distributors who were, and still are, scamming people, Amway is in on the ATS as well, making more money from overpriced products and low bonus payouts, both of which increase Amway’s profit. The top-tier distributor LCKs don’t care about this issue because they’re cleaning up on the ATS. This results in the 99% of Amway distributors being “double-dipped” with outrageously overpriced tools AND Amway products. The former is RICO fraud the latter results in little to no retail sales for most Amway distributors, which is an illegal pyramid. Even Steadson (finally) now agrees the Amway product prices are woefully inflated: http://www.thetruthaboutamway.com/is-amway-suffering-from-big-company-syndrome/ Steadson doesn’t realize this has NOTHING to do with “big company syndrome,” it has to do with Amway being in sync with the distributor LCK plan to rip off people to maximize their own profit, as fully described on my website.

    I don’t know for sure why I was invited to Prague in 2008, but I have been blogging about the Amway Tool Scam since 2005. In fact, my first post on the old blog was actually a complimentary piece about Amway’s prices being reduced after the 2008 UK decision and the negative publicity Amway received about high prices “across the pond,” and Amway ordered it removed, as you may recall. It also was in 2009, according to your link about me getting the ability to post my own threads, long after the Prague trip. I was also very active on several Amway owned blogs. So, I don’t think the old blog had much to do with me being invited to Prague, but if it makes you feel better, go ahead and believe it. I care far more about taking down Amway than who gets the credit for me being invited to Prague, which was largely a colossal waste of time.

  6. DaveRobison says:

    Thanks for stopping by, Tex.

    By “downhill”, I simply meant that the lawsuit did lead to the dissolution of the blog I hosted and did take considerable time and money away from your fight on the blogs and from your pockets.

    I, also, am not taking full credit for your invitation to Prague, but the original blog did build quite a lot of traffic and garnered the attention of the folks at Amway because of the direct focus it was having on your other postings at other Internet sites.

    I am glad that you now have the Stop The Tool Scam site under your full control now and continue to wish you well in your efforts.

    I read the linked article and do not believe I am a sheep, wolf or sheepdog. I am more like the Farmer. I just let some things grow.

    Again, nice hearing from you Tex. Glad you are doing well.

  7. Tex says:

    In terms of the old blog, I agree it went downhill, but the new blog more than made up for it. However, the lawsuit did not take away much time, and the money spent was a superb investment, as the settlement agreement protects me against Amway like nobody else on the planet. If you’re a sheepdog or a wolf, you know who you are. If you don’t think you’re any of the three, you’re a sheep. There is no farmer in the analogy.

  8. rocket says:

    It’s October of 2015 and I’m late to the party.

    It’s nice to hear from you Tex. Sounds like things are going great for you man! I’m not really devoting much time to the Amway problems anymore, but I am doing my part each and every day to try and make mankind a bit better. I’ll never make society or unscrupulous people do a 180, but I can perhaps encourage a course correction of a degree or 2.

    Glad to hear you are happy with how things have panned out. Courage of conviction is a rare commodity these days. Keep on shaking the tree you find fulfillment with!

    All the best!

  9. Tex says:

    Thanks for a typical post from you, rocket. Lots of words with hardly any meaning. At least you’re consistent. LOL

  10. Dave Robison says:

    I thought Rocket’s comments were sincere and well-meaning.

  11. Tex says:

    That’s because you don’t know rocket like I know rocket.

  12. rocket says:

    The meaning was I wish you well.

    Dave knows me much better than you do. You know nothing about me Tex.

    My comments were sincere and well meaning and they still are. What Tex thinks of me doesn’t really do much to affect my outlook on Amway or life. There’s enough strife in the world without me going around looking for a fight, and there’s plenty of battles worth fighting.

    For me, this isn’t one of them. Good luck Tex, sincerely.

  13. Tex says:

    Thanks for a typical post from you, rocket. Lots of words with hardly any meaning. At least you’re consistent. LOL

  14. Dave Robison says:

    UPDATE COMMENT: I also wanted to add…you may see a suggestion at the end of this entry to read “Tex and Dave: Not The Same. This was a short-lived side controversy regarding the Tex Blog back in 2009. A conspiracy theorist was suggesting Tex was a fictional character created by “moi”.

    You can follow the suggested links.


  15. Tex says:

    I doubt anyone cares about a 6 year old conspiracy theory now, as very few cared about it 6 years ago. What you losers don’t “get” is we could cause others to not be scammed by working together, but you would rather bring up old stories, old ideas, old garbage. What a waste of humanity. LOL

  16. Dave Robison says:

    Just updating old entries, in case someone does a search regarding the old blog. As it happens, The old Tex Blog is only cached and saved at The Internet Archive for years 2011 and 2012. (although I still have all the old entries saved in draft)

    Because it has been 6 years, many links to old subjects are “broken” or not valid anymore. I have provided as many “archived” links as possible, when I updated this blog.

    Your old Tex Blog still gets hits from people searching for info about Amway and the “tool scam”, sadly they go to the site to find it inactive, which is why that site still directs them to your current Stop The Tool Scam blog.

  17. Tex says:

    Great, do me a favor and email the old entries to stoptheamwaytoolscam@yahoo.com, and I’ll give them new life.

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