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I have probably told this story before, but I’m not checking the Archives to confirm it. (Besides, the Archives aren’t working yet, anyway)

UPDATE: Yes They are!

I was 12 years old and it was New Year’s Eve. Mom and Dad had let me stay up to watch the Guy Lombardo New Years Eve Special on CBS. At 11PM CST, the Big Ball dropped in New York City and I watched Guy’s Last Appearance. (Dick Clark took over the next year)

But, I wasn’t sleepy and it wasn’t really New Year’s in Mississippi for another hour. So, I changed the channel over to NBC to see what they were doing.

It was that night, I discovered Johnny Carson. And from that night on, I became hooked on Late Night TV. During Carson’s last week as host of The Tonight Show in May of 1992; I recorded the whole week on my trusty VCR.  I had no idea, that his shows would be distributed later on VHS and DVDs.

When Dave Letterman started hosting the Late Show, I only became really a fan after shows like “Ham Sculpture”, and the “360-degree Camera Rotation” show. (The broadcast image rotated by the minute turning like a clock hand) and of course, actress Terri Garr being begged to take a shower on camera and then later doing it.

When Dave ended his show at NBC, I taped that show, as well, and followed him to CBS.

My sons alerted me to the genius of Craig Ferguson, when he appeared on the Late, Late Show following Letterman’s Late Show on CBS.  It took awhile for me to get past Ferguson’s character on The Drew Carey show; but I came to really like Ferguson’s style of interviewing and his “whatever-nobody’s-really-watching” attitude.

So, I’ve been thinking about Dave Letterman’s Final show airing tomorrow night. (Almost to the day, 23 years after Carson’s Last Show) No need to record that on to my DVR.  I’m sure YouTube will have copies for eternity. I hope that it will be a finale’ with the caliber worthy of eternity.

Currently, with many talk shows ending this year, I’ve watched my share of finales. Until I see Dave’s finale; Craig Ferguson holds the current title as best finale this year. Ferguson featured a star-studded opening musical number that, I think, inspires all us “wannabe stars” to keep working like everybody’s watching; when in fact, they may not be.  Dave Letterman is maybe retiring for good, but I’ll keep “banging on”.

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  1. DaveRobison says:

    Celebrities featured on the video:
    Toby Keith
    Kristin Chenoweth
    James Marsden
    Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick
    Kristen Bell
    Pierce Brosnan
    Steve Carell
    Don Cheadle
    Marion Cotillard
    Tenacious D
    Jeff Daniels
    Ted Danson
    Kat Dennings
    Julia Louis-Dreyfus
    Tony Hale
    Jane Lynch
    Cedric the Entertainer
    Jon Hamm
    Sean Hayes,
    Samuel L. Jackson
    Rashida Jones
    Jimmy Kimmel
    Mila Kunis
    Lisa Kudrow
    Matthew McConaughey
    Tim Meadows
    Metallica, Kunal Nayyar
    Regis Philbin
    Ray Romano
    Bob Saget,
    William Shatner
    Michael Sheen
    Quentin Tarantino
    Betty White
    Henry Winkler
    Shailene Woodley
    Weird Al Yankovic
    Archbishop Desmond Tutu
    Geoff Peterson

  2. Letterman’s last guest-show last night with Bill Murray was epic. It was worth staying up for, and I’m sure tonight’s last-last show will be equally worth watching. It’s sad to see him leave the air. I really enjoyed Letterman’s humor and unshakability. Everyone who has appeared over the closing month has offered heartfelt accolades to Letterman for the strides he made in late-night television and the careers he set by their appearances there. It was good to see him rewarded by the warmth of their appreciation.

  3. The tearful tributes from all the other late-night show hosts shows the impact that David Letterman has had on our media culture. One struck me as particularly heartfelt: the one by Jimmy Kimmel, who Wednesday night told his audience that he was airing a rerun on Thursday night and to watch Letterman’s final show instead. That would have been an audience-share and ad-dollar sacrifice for Kimmel and ABC. Pretty amazing guy that Letterman.

    CBS even allowed Letterman to run over Thursday night. It was almost 1 a.m. (ET) by the time the show finished, eating into the normal start time for all the shows that would follow it on the network and for local stations. No network allows that for just anyone, and although local stations would be alerted ahead of time, they often cut out of over-runs because otherwise they can lose local ad dollars. So this was an amazing event in American TV as well.

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