Growing Up Boomer

I’m learning to write again. After not blogging for 5 years, I’m a little rusty. All my thoughts in the past few years have been random thoughts, rants, musings and observations written briefly through Facebook status updates, Twitter tweets, and stand-up comedy “bits”. It’s difficult getting back into “long-form” writing.

So, I’m listening more to NPR, reading longer articles about new things I’m interested in; and seeking out existing blogs and writers for inspiration.

I’ve never met Alan Eggleston in person. But, I consider him a friend.  I “met” him online many years ago through my association with the MLM or Direct Sales Industry. Alan was a writer and consultant for Amway Corporation. I knew him for that.

After OTRWD went dark, I “met” him again through Facebook.  Alan describes himself as a Web writer and editor, book enthusiast, and social media strategist. He has been a professional writer for more than 25 years and a professional editor for over 20 years. I would describe him as a “thinker”, a lover of astronomy, and a “phrase turner.” He’s an interesting guy, worth getting to know.

He inspires me, and he has offered great advice and encouragement as I prepared to get back “on the road” in the last few months and I want you to get to know him, too.

Which is why Growing Up Boomer is now an official “Links I Like” in my sidebar.  Check out Alan Eggleston’s latest installment; An Open Letter To Graduates.  It’s good advice, whether you are graduating high school, university, or just starting a new chapter in your life.

“We are deeply curious about something, about trying something, about experiencing something, about doing something. And we ought to do it at some point in our lives”

That’s why I like Alan. I think you will, too.


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  1. Thanks for the “endorsement,” Dave. I’ve enjoyed our friendship and over the years enjoyed your blog and your sense of humor. Don’t sell yourself short as a writer or blogger or force of good will in the world. Looking forward to seeing your blog now evolve into its next stage.

    Maybe one day we will meet in person. If I ever travel again (sigh). I’d love to meet your wife, too. You’re a wonderful couple!

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