2010: Make Contact With Earth Day

ChicPlanet-717993Since its inception, “On The Road With Dave” has recognized each April 22nd for the celebration of Earth Day.

In the Arthur C. Clarke novel-based movie, 2010 is the year we make contact with alien life forms. Clarke was way ahead of his time with his predictions for space travel. We have lagged way behind with Clarke’s predictions.

Unfortunately, Planet Earth and its inhabitants are still alone in the known Universe, and contact with intelligent life forms from other galaxies may never become a reality.

But if that day is to come, then celebration of each Earth Day becomes more important each year that passes. If Earth is to survive to that day we make contact with a distant cousin from the Betelgeuse system, then we still have to be vigilant in the care of our own Terran earth/space ship. It has to be more than recycling paper, using fluorescent lightbulbs, driving electric cars and the occasional use of a solar panel on top of an emergency sign on the side of the road. We need to embrace new technologies in conjunction with finding “green” options for cleaning our toilets. We need to begin work on changing the way we develop rather than debating the validity of climate change. We need to save the rainforests and animals on the brink of extinction while we also save our way of living by advancing medical innovation at lower costs. And while we make contact with each other with Instant Messaging, 3G Smartphones, text messages, and our trusty Netbooks; we still need to take the time to contact each other face-to-face and sometimes have our bare feet make contact with green grass.

We have a long way to go. On this Earth Day 2010; take the time to think and realize that our planet is still our only home. No extraterrestrial super-being is likely to make us wiser and more evolved to save our Earth. That responsibility still belongs to us; not just on Earth Day, but every day. Our planet still hangs alone in the Universe, but we can still care for it together.

Photo by Dimitri Castrique

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