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Before I began blogging, I kept an infrequent journal. In 1983, I was writing in a journal book/calendar that I purchased from Writer’s Digest. At the beginning of the first month of that year I made an entry that I had met the friend of a friend at a local nightclub.

“Tonight, I met Cheryl’s lovely friend, Renee. We danced. It was nice. I hope to see her again.

That “meeting” led to a series of meetings, dances, and dates. I made any excuse to see her again and again. It was a whirlwind romance. But, I was scared. This romance was serious. She had even told me that she was in love with me by the second month. She just knew.

Looking back, I was already in love, too; but as a guy–I just could not seem to express the feeling in words, vocally. I know, it’s hard to imagine me not saying what was on my mind, huh?

Towards the end of March, Renee and I were finishing up a romantic evening and I had told myself that I would tell her that evening how I felt. I searched for the right moment and several came and went, but I could not say “I love you”. (Chock it up to immaturity or dumb machismo) So, when all else failed, I began to get silly and goofy. I was joking around with her and talking in “third person”.

“David Robison likes this”

Finally, I looked at her and kissed her. “Renee Evans…” I said.

“Yes, David Robison”

“Renee Evans…David Robison Loves You”

After I finally left that evening, I went home and wrote in my journal.

MARCH 23, 1983

David Robison Loves Renee Evans

Over the years we celebrate that day as much as any couple would celebrate a wedding anniversary. It is our “I love you” anniversary. Some years, I will semi-quote myself as I did on that rainy March 23rd saying “Renee Evans…David Robison STILL loves you”; but since that long ago March 23rd; I have never been afraid to show my feelings to her, nor been afraid to say the words to her two dozen times a day.


Just for the record–I Love You


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