Getting Re-Married: A World Record Attempt

lovepeace2-750285It’s not everyday that I’m challenged to break a world record. In fact, up until last Friday, I’ve never been challenged to break a world record. But my dear wife of 26 years asked me to participate in a world record breaking attempt that she figured I could handle. Her challenge–“Let’s get re-married!”

The “re-married” part seemed easy enough. Rustle up a preacher, justice of the peace, or local Elvis impersonator and say the “I do’s”. How is that breaking a World’s record?

Gulf Shores, Alabama restaurateur, Lucy Buffett(sister of singer, Jimmy)and owner of Lulu’s Homeport had staged a Valentine’s Day event to break the World’s Record for most Married Couples to Participate in a Re-Vow Ceremony. The record stands at 1087 couples according to Guinness Book of World Records.

luluoutside-758224Last Sunday, on Valentine’s Day, my dear wife and I made the 40-minute drive down to Gulf Shores and was greeted by other couples standing on the white sands of Lulu’s complex which includes her restaurant, marina, playground, gift shop, and her outside bar, Bama Breeze.

lulubuffet-727629TV crews from Good Morning America and local news stations as well as official Guinness record keepers were in attendance to witness the event. “Lulu” had prepared a stage for preacherman, Steve Durkac, and an emcee, that I swear must have had some Buffett blood in him somewhere to officiate the ceremony. Wedding cake, champagne, flowers, were all provided by Buffett.

ballooncrowd-718773Each couple, held two helium-filled red balloons during the ceremony ready to be lofted into the air upon saying, “I do”, once again.

The Gulf Shores Fire Department provided a ladder/boom truck as a photographer firetruck-764809pedestal to capture the crowd on film. The truck positioned itself across the dock canal/marina. In addition to the record attempt, Lulu provided prizes to the couple that traveled the farthest for the ceremony(3031 miles); Longest-married couple(68 Years); and Shortest-Length Married(3.5 hours).

My wife and I stood among the crowd as preacherman, Durkac, spoke to the couples and then we stared into each other’s eyes and repeated the vows as they were given. We said our “I do’s” and laughed and we were pronounced, “re-married” and kissed as we let our balloons free.

Did we break the record? Yes and No. We broke the record for the state of Alabama with over 400 couples in attendance, but well shy of the 1087 needed for a World’s Record. A gallant attempt, indeed; and “Lulu” set a new vow to continue the tradition next year. I think I can be up for another attempt; after all you can get “re-married” to the same person more than once and in my case, that’s a pleasure.

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2 Responses to Getting Re-Married: A World Record Attempt

  1. Kristen says:

    Hi Dave!
    Over from AL Bloggers.
    I love this post! (And all the pictures!)

    How wonderful that you got an opportunity to participate in something so touching.

  2. Dave Robison says:

    Hi Kristen,

    Thanks for stopping by and the kind words. I went to your profile, and you follow a LOT of blogs, but do you write one as well? Would love to return the favor and stop by yours.


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