Code Name: CECIL


Materials Needed:

One Large Balloon(Punch ball)
Kraft Paper
Wheat Wallpaper Paste
Scrap 1/8 plywood or paneling
Approximately 1 yard of fake fur(long shag)
Package of shredded(or powdered) papier-mache’
Miscellaneous scraps of felt, velvet, feathers, etc.

String, screws, glue, wire, springs, wooden beads and some secret ingredients.

A long time ago, I had two other ventriloquist dummies before my current partner, Skyler. Both were constructed by myself. Both were lost or damaged beyond repair over the years and their absence has been weighing on me. I’ve had the desire in the last six months to resurrect one of the characters from scratch and add some improvements to his original design. That desire has recently manifested into an actual commitment to begin the process.

I’m constructing a new puppet to add to the new ventriloquism portion of my act. Though not Top Secret, I’ve christened the new project, CODENAME:CECIL, in honor of the previous character. The saga of the construction will play out over the next few months with photos of the progress. You can also bet that Skyler’s Gravel Road will weigh in on the construction and the eventual character that evolves.

I don’t have the mastery of some of the finer craftsmen of ventriloquist figures, but if history is any judge, I think I can pull this off. I’m also betting that a few of my ventriloquist readers will be able to guess by the photo, exactly what plans I’ll be using circa 1974.

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