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Some of my readers may know that I first began “On The Road With Dave” with frequent commentary about Multi-level Marketing and in particular the Amway Corporation and it’s then spin-off company, Quixtar. I was a frequent reader and commenter and later contributor to the website, Quixtar Blog. Quixtar Blog was sometimes a site where critics of MLM would gather to vent and rant about their experiences with Amway and Quixtar and other MLM companies. I provided “pro” arguments about the business and debated quite a few critics.

Shortly after Quixtar’s launch back in 1999, (and I will always believe in part due to The Quixtar Blog) Amway Corporation began a concerted effort to build a web presence and began producing blogs of its own authored by various Amway/Quixtar staff.

One such blog, The Real Quixtar Blog was originally authored in pseudonym by a guy named “Kia”. (Know it all) Later Kia, announced he was Robin Luymes, Manager of PR and Editorial at Quixtar. I liked Robin from the very beginning. He was making strides to write his blog with some authenticity and included personal stories, opinions, and events on his homefront as well as “corporate” PR writings and answering hundreds of questions in comments. When Amway Global decided to drop the Quixtar moniker and revert back to the Amway brand; Robin dropped The Real Quixtar Blog moniker and became “SuperDu”.

SuperDu was an even more personal blog than corporate-ese and Robin excelled even more. I liked the slant of SuperDu even more. Then last year, I met Robin Luymes while on a trip to Prague to discuss blogging with some Amway PR folks. Robin was an excellent host, told some great stories, and I could see how he was genuine in his writings, because he was genuine in person. He was “real”.

Last month, Robin left “SuperDu” and Amway Global. “SuperDu” is scheduled for what Amway Global calls a “sunset”. You should pay it a visit, before it comes down.

But, the sun is not setting on Robin Luymes. Robin has launched a new website at Luymes Public Relations, LLC; complete with a new blog discussing Public Relations among other things.

Robin says,

“In this blog I expect to share about my views and experiences as a PR professional. That will include my opinions on best practices for the public relations profession, including use of social media by organizations. I likely will talk about my personal life as well, especially how that relates to my profession and my business. Many of my posts will draw upon past experiences, including those with Amway Corp., my employer for nearly 18 years, and as a reporter for the Grand Rapids Business Journal before that.”

I want to wish Robin best of luck in his new endeavor and to let him know I’m rooting for him and, oh yeah; I’ll be adding “Luymes Dot Com” to my “Links I Like”

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9 Responses to “SuperDu” Becomes Luymes Dot Com

  1. Tex says:

    The comment on his first thread indicates Lennon Ledbetter has left Amway and a quick internet search shows he’s selling his home, which seems to be common among the LCKs these days.

  2. SuperDu says:

    Yeah, somebody spammed me promoting some meeting at Ledbetter’s house … who knows. But I deleted that comment from my site … don’t wanna invite that kind of attention!

  3. IBOFB says:

    Nice tribute Dave! Had one of my own in the works and posted it now –

    A new path for SuperDu – A tribute to Robin Luymes

  4. Robin Luymes says:

    Sorry for not responding more fully earlier, Dave. I was whipping through a ton of email this morning and wanted to get the Ledbetter thing out of the way quickly.

    First, thank you so much for your kind comments above! I have enjoyed tremendously the opportunities I’ve had to get to know you online and off!

    It has been my great privilege to tell Amway’s stories over the years and to learn so much about how social media helps us do that. We didn’t always do it right, but I think we learned over time how to more effectively engage in the online dialog. You and others were key participants in our education, so thank you!

    I hope to take the learnings from the past decade and apply them to the new clients Luymes PR will serve. And I know that we will continue to stay in touch, and for that I also am very grateful!

  5. Bridgett says:

    A very thoughtful tribute, Dave.

    And very well-deserved.


  6. Jeffrey7500 says:

    Robin, I commented on your website today, but just wanted to take another chance to wish you all the best!

  7. namnum says:

    Good tribute to the guy that helped move us (Amway) into the the Social Age. Thanks Dave for writing it.

    And thank you Robin for what you helped start. I truly love my Amway business and I really feel we owe you for helping ensure it’s future viability. Much success to you in the future.

  8. IBOFB says:

    Just for a bit of rumour control, I made some enquiries and Lennon Ledbetter was running Amway seminars as recently as a week ago, so there’s apparently nothing to the claim he’s left Amway

  9. IBOFB says:

    Hold that last thought – found multiple claims from folk promoting a new MLM called Purity 12 that Ledbetter has left Amway for them.

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