Missed Blog Action Day ’09

blog-action-day-2009On October 15, Bloggers from around the world participated in Blog Action Day 2009 in a unified effort to write and inform about Global Climate change. I participated in the event last year when the subject was Poverty.

This year due to job schedule constraints I was unable to put together an intelligent or thought provoking entry on the subject. I think of myself as a realistic environmentalist. Man does affect the environment and Man can determine the fate of a species, energy consumption, and how clean we are in manufacturing and production. I also believe that “going green” can be profitable for businesses if done correctly and with forethought.

With that in mind click on the above banner and you can read a “wrap up” of the day’s entries by minds better suited to the task than mine.

And in the interest of balance and dissent, pay a visit to radio talk show host Todd Schnitt’s page on Global Warming. It provides just as many views by other learned minds that feel climate change may not be the biggest threat we face in the world.

“For” or “Against” is up to you. Different opinions do not make either side wrong, but realistically, we still all live on this tiny blue marble and it is our responsibility to be good stewards of this planet.

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