Bragging Rights

Friday night one week ago, my training class and I celebrated the end of training at Ryla. Our instructor, Kate West, and a few of the management on hand on a Friday Night allowed us an unofficial graduation ceremony. (We’re told that the President of the company will come on site the end of October for a more official ceremony with all the different classes involved)

The class Valedictorian and Salutatorian gave short speeches, Kate spoke(and cried) and the Director of the Training Department, Omar Hawk, gave a little pep talk. The class bought a vase for Kate and we formed a line and each of us presented her with a rose for the vase. (She cried some more) After the speeches we received our key card lanyards with the Ryla logo from Omar.

Kate also presented small individual ribbons for categories like “Most Professional Voice”, “Most Improved” and “Most Spirited”. I received the ribbon below.


Don’t be too impressed. I was only 4th in the class; so I’m guessing it just means I was pretty good at a lot of stuff but not great in any particular thing.

Tonight finished up one whole week of taking calls on the production floor. It’s been pretty good; but I arrived at work with “nerves” everyday. It’s worse than stage fright before I perform stand-up comedy. I’m never sure if I’m doing everything correctly; but since Monday, I find myself asking fewer and fewer questions or seeking supervisor help for certain calls. I suppose I’m getting the hang of it.

The first night, a customer asked to speak to my supervisor and I received, “KUDOS”. That means the customer was pleased with my help and told the supervisor. A broadcast email is sent through the corporate email system to alert the other employees I received customer praise. It’s one way the company tries to motivate employees.

Wednesday, my supervisor sat at my cubicle and “plugged in” to my calls and eavesdropped on how I handled my calls and treated my customers. We then discussed the calls and she graded me based on a company scoring system. In “school terms” I made a B+ to A-. Not bad for my third full day out of training.

At ten o’clock tonight, I clocked out for the weekend and it seems like it has been more than just 5 days long. I will enjoy this weekend, but I know those two days will go by at a much more rapid rate than a “work” day and in an instant, I’ll be back to work come Monday.

But until then, I deserved to brag just a little bit, and you had to listen to it.

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2 Responses to Bragging Rights

  1. Anonymous says:


    Congrats on the progress. Call Center work can be difficult. It’ll get better with experience. I’m still learning things everyday.

    Treat every call as if it was the first call of the day. I love that aspect of my job and dealing with different people, different situations. I wish you much success!


  2. rocket says:

    Good Job Dave!

    I’m sure you don’t give yourself enough credit.

    Mikey! Where ya been? Haven’t seen you online or on Mario Kart!

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