“And Now, Back To Our Show…”

I bet you are surprised to show up here and find a new blog entry after over a week had passed with no updates. I confess I have not been diligent with updates but I have lots of excuses that will amount to this newest entry and update.

As some readers might know, I started a new job seven weeks ago, at Ryla, Inc in Saraland, Alabama. Ryla is a national call center operation. During these past seven weeks, I have been working a brutal nightshift from 4:30 in the afternoon until 1:15AM.

callcenterbust-770976After working those hours, winding down after work and falling to sleep at 3 or 4 in the morning and then getting up at 7AM to drive my wife to work and coming home to sleep a little more before going back to my work…the blogging muse has not been a frequent guest in my head.

But, I’m happy to report that the end is near for that schedule. Friday night was my last night of classroom instruction and I did pretty good. I finished 4th in my class, and I’m pretty proud of that. Apparently, an old dog can learn new tricks. I begin a “nesting” process of supervised and monitored calls next Monday for two more weeks before I officially “graduate” and move into my actual job position with a better schedule for work, sleep AND blogging.

But, the ultimate reason for the lack of this week’s blog posting has been…wait for it…computer problems! That’s right, another computer died. This time, we think it’s a video card and a hard drive that has gone kaput. We did some scrambling and have an old Windows2000 system that I’m running now. It only has IE6 on it and can’t be updated, but it accepted a Firefox download and so I have a decent browser to send out Twitter updates on, but I can’t download my TweetDeck interface; so even though I can blog, update MySpace and Facebook, it makes it difficult to keep up with a full-fledged Twitter session. But still; I can update “On The Road With Dave”, which is the important thing.

Speaking of that, look for tomorrow’s edition of “Sunday Thoughts” late Sunday afternoon to give readers a chance to read this update first. (I wrote it late, late, Saturday night) With any luck, you can count on even more entries next week.

And so, we now continue on with our regularly scheduled show, once again in progress.

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One Response to “And Now, Back To Our Show…”

  1. rocket says:

    You too?

    Our computer dies yesterday morning. We ended up buying a Mac.

    Been missing you Dave.

    Hang in there!

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