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In recent weeks, I’ve added a new widget and a new button in my “Links I Like” section.

The widget is the Google FriendConnect box. According to Google, “Google Friend Connect instantly awakens and strengthens the community that visits your site by enriching it with social features. Anyone can join your site and discover other members by using information from a variety of services, including Google, Yahoo, Twitter, AOL, orkut, and Plaxo, strengthening your community as visitors become members.”

Although I know I have many followers/readers of “On The Road With Dave”; it’d be nice to see the box fill up with some faces, or avatars. If you got a minute, register at the widget and let me know you are out there.

The next link is a button that takes you to Blogged. Blogged is a site that lists current members’ blog articles and other links that followers can comment on. It has a site feed similar to FriendFeed or Facebook.

I discovered Blogged via Chip Martin’s Blog.

Blogged says, “Blogged is a place where you can get reactions to major news events. No more tired old newspapers! With Blogged, you can interact with news like never before. Start sharing interesting news clippings and events with your trusted network of friends and like-minded individuals.”

You can also rate the blogs. Currently I’m awaiting a rating from the site’s editors. Being needy and constantly seeking approval–I’m hoping for a good rating.

Chip Martin has an envious 7.3 rating.

If you currently are a blogger, these two sites seem to offer some additional networking opportunities. We’ll see if they help me.

UPDATE: 4/27/2015 Blogged is no longer active on the Web. FriendConnect was removed during site redesign.

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